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One Watt Initiative: a Global Effort to Reduce Leaking Electricity

Panel: Panel 2: Technologies and Products (innovation, marketing, market transformation)

Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Benoît Lebot, International Energy Agency


Many domestic appliances and commercial equipment consume some electric power when they are switched off or not performing their primary purpose. The typical loss per appliance is low (from 1 to 25 W) but, when multiplied by the billions of appliances in houses and in commercial buildings, standby losses represent a significant fraction of total electricity use. Several initiatives to reduce standby losses have appeared in different parts of the world. One proposal, the 1-watt plan, seeks to harmonize these initiatives by establishing a single target for all appliances. This paper explains the background to the 1-watt plan, identifies some unresolved aspects, and gives some estimates of energy savings.


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