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eceee 1999 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Energy Efficiency and CO2 reduction: the dimensions of the social challenge

Panel Panel 3: Dynamics of Consumption (social and cultural perspectives, actors and their interactions)

Improving municipal energy management by motivational measures
Maarit Haakana, VTT Building Technology
Ulla Soitinaho, Helsinki Energy Management Agency

Economic and socio-psychological models of consumer behaviour: Can "limited rationality" bridge the gap?
Christoph Weber, IER, University of Stuttgart

Beyond Energy Conservation: Energy-Relevant Decisions Within Office Buildings
Lukas Weber, Energy Analysis Research Groups, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH)

Advances in the use of consumption feedback information in energy billing: the experiences of a Norwegian energy utility
Harold Wilhite, University of Oslo and Ressurskonsult
Asbjørn Høivik and Johan-Gjemre Olsen, Lyse Energi

The behavioural approach to energy conservation: An opportunity still not taken by energy policy
Klaus Wortman, Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein
Kai Schuster, Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein

Energy Savings - Use of efficient technology and change in consumer behaviour
Peter Bach, Danish Energy Agency

Domestic Electricity Consumption and Life Style
Harm Jeeninga, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Boudewijn Huenges Wajer, Netherlands Agency for Energy and Environment

Causal models of houshold decisions to choose the energy efficient alternative: the role of values, knowledge, attitudes and identity
Nick Banks, Environmental Change Unit, Oxford University

Re-inscribing design work: architects, engineers and efficiency advocates
Kathryn B. Janda, University of California at Davis

Energy Analysis and Selection Criteria for Third Party Financing of School Buildings
Manfred Sakulin, Institute for Electrical Power Systems, Technical University Graz
Ernst Schmautzer, Institute for Electrical Power Systems, Technical University Graz

Are refrigerators energivorous? Energy consumption: a subject ignored by the consumers
Christophe Besley, CERTOP CNRS, Université de Toulouse le Mirail
Marie-Christine Zelem, CERTOP CNRS, Université de Toulouse le Mirail

The Dynamics of Green Consumption
Lene Holm Pedersen, AKF, Institute of Local Government Studies, Denmark

An analysis of electricity consumption and load demand in Swedish grocery stores
Corfitz Norén, Lund Institute of Technology
Jurek Pyrko, Lund Institute of Technology

Using Pressure Groups for Energy Efficiency
Ulla Böde, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Edelgard Gruber, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Katrin Ostertag, Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnemnet et le Développement (CIRED)

Energy advice - what is it worth
Sarah Darby, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford

Differences in environmental consumption and perception between different social groups
Martin Cames, Öko-Institute e. V.

Energy (in)efficeint food storage in households
Ans. P. Groot-Marcus, Wageningen Agricultural University
Elies Scherhorn, Wageningen Agricultural University

Dynamics of energy ose in the UK households: end-use monitoring of electric cookers
Iman Mansouri, Cranfield University, UK
Marcus Newborough, Cranfield University, UK

Consumer Organizations and Promotion of Sustainable Energy Consumption: Comparative Product Quality testing and its Impact
Ralph Wahnschafft, Energy Resources Section, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pasific (UN-ESCAP)
Kwisun Huh, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Hanguk University of Foreign Studies

Towards a Useful Multigenic Theory of Consumption
Richard Wilk, Anthropology Department, Indiana University

The need to heed the changing structure of household consumption, not only technical energy efficiency - the Finnish case
Heidi Melasniemi-Uutela, Statistics Finland

Energy Consultant in Industry - Expert or Process Consultant?
Preben Buhl Pedersen, Danish Energy Analysis

Linking energy efficiency and health: inter-agency working to deliver change
Victoria Wiltshire, Association for the Conservation of Energy
Emma Jones, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Graphical Display and Comparative Energy Information: What Do People Understand and Prefer?
Christine Egan, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy