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eceee 2001 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Further than ever from Kyoto? Rethinking energy efficiency can get us there

Panel Panel 2: Dynamics of Consumption

User involvement in technological innovations: the case of balanced ventilation systems
Harald Rohracher, Inter-University Research Centre for Technology (IFF/IFZ)

Electricity consumption and load control possibilities: residential energy monitoring in Sweden
Gregory North, Lund University

How to double the annual sales of CFLs with energy label A
Peter Karbo, Danish Electricity Saving Trust
Johanne Boelskov, Danish Electricity Saving Trust
Göran Wilke, Danish Electricity Saving Trust

Micro evidence on household energy consumption
Søren Leth-Petersen, AKF

Reducing CO2 emissions by changing private consumption by differentiation of VAT and other taxes on consumption
Ole Thorbek, The Danish Council for Sustainable Energy
Thomas C. Jensen, The Danish Energy Agency
Poul Erik Morthorst, Risø National Laboratory
Thomas Thomsen, The Danish Energy Agency

The Internet: the most important driver for future electricity demand in households
Bernard Aebischer, Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE)
Frédéric Varone, Catholic University of Louvain

Off. Really off? - Eco-marketing as energy efficiency approach
Klaus Wortmann, Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein
Werner Möhring-Hüser, Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein

Customer adoption of small-scale on-site power generation
Afzal Siddiqui, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chris Marnay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kristina Hamachi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Javier Rubio, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"Help, I need somebody..." - Consequences of a re-regulated competitive electricity market from the customer perspective
Anna Ketola, Lund University
Peter Matsson, Lund University

The learning house
Jonas Honoré, Technical University of Denmark
Morten Elle, Technical University of Denmark

Value chains and energy efficiency measures
Pirkko Kasanen, TTS Institute

Re-assessing no-regret potentials - The example of high efficiency electric motors
Katrin Ostertag, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI)

Energy savings by applying the commitment theory
Dominique Flahaut, Agence Régionale de l'Energie (ARENE)
Jean-Michel Graillat, Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie (ADEME)
Jean-Léon Beauvois, Nice University
Robert-Vincent Joule, Provence University

From technology transfer to market transformation
Carl Blumstein, University of California Energy Institute
Seymour Goldstone, California Energy Commission
Loren Lutzenhiser, Washington State University

What can energy efficiency policy learn from thinking about sex?
Harold Wilhite, Centre for Development and the Environment