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eceee 2013 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Rethink, renew, restart

ISSN: 2001-7960 (online), 1653-7025 (print)

ISBN: 978-91-980482-3-0 (online), 978-91-980482-2-3 (print)

All papers and presentations are now publically available.

See eceee’s ethical guidelines for papers and review process.

The following papers have been corrected by the authors since the proceedings were published (and therefore differ from the printed and flash drive versions of the papers).

1-217-13 “Renovation of the EU buildings stock: an opportunity to reduce the EU gas dependency”: The title has been changed slightly.

1-387-13 “The role of technology-forcing standards and innovation to dramatically accelerate product energy efficiency”: Minor changes have been made throughout the paper.

5B-235-13 “Energy renovations of EU multifamily buildings: do current policies target the real problems?”: Table 1 has been updated as well as a number in the section ”Barriers to energy investments ...” regarding Austria.

7-100-13 “The UK heat pump field trial: findings from phase 2”: Numbers have been corrected throughout the paper.

7-475-13 ”Ex-ante estimation of the EU Ecodesign Directive’s impact on the long-term electricity demand of the tertiary sector”: The abstract has been updated, as well as Figures 5 & 6 and numbers in the text referring to these figures.