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Building Expertise: industry responses to the low-energy housing retrofit agenda in the UK and France

Panel: 1. Foundations of future energy policy

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Gavin Killip, ECI-CREDS, University of Oxford - Environmental Change Institute, United Kingdom
Tina Fawcett, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Katy Janda, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Véronique Beillan, EDF - Recherche et Développement, France
Stanislas Nösperger, EDF - Recherche et Développement, France


With a focus on the evolution of professional practice, this paper reports on recent responses from industry actors in the housing retrofit supply chain to the need for low-energy retrofits of existing housing in the UK and France. The two countries have comparable long-term policy goals for CO2 emissions reduction, but there are important differences between their more immediate initiatives to achieve a step-change in activity in the housing retrofit market. The industry responses to these various policy signals are explored in a series of semi-structured interviews with designers and contractors having experience of innovative, low-energy refurbishment projects. The paper draws out some of the high-level themes that have emerged from a three-year research project comparing the two countries, highlighting innovative practices and processes being proposed and trialled by industry actors.


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