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eceee 2015 Summer Study on energy efficiency: First fuel now

ISSN: 2001-7960 (online), 1653-7025 (print)

ISBN: 978-91-980482-7-8 (online), 978-91-980482-6-1 (print)

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The following papers have been corrected by the authors since the proceedings were published (and therefore differ from the printed and flash drive versions of the papers).

1-359-15 “Smart buildings as an integrated grid resource: an assessment of program viability”: Minor changes have been made throughout the paper.

2-256-15 “Are energy efficiency obligations an alternative? The case-study of Portugal”: Figures 2,3 and 4 have been updated.

3-072-15 “Multiple benefits as incentive for municipal climate mitigation efforts? The case of a German shrinking and aging middle size city”: Some of the numbers in Table 6 have been corrected. They have also been corrected in the section "Results of the scenario analysis" and in the summary.

4-154-15 “Is this a smart city? Narratives of city smartness and their critical assessment”: Ines Mayer has changed name to Ines Imbert.

7-337-15 “Real-time, evidence-based policy making – critical for decisions on rapidly evolving technologies”: Figure 7 has been changed as well as the Figure 7 caption.

7-338-15 “The design of energy efficient everyday practices”: Page 7 should be ”around 3000” instead of ”at least 300”.

7-378-15 “High quality super-efficient lighting products: the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal”: Minor changes throughout the paper.

7-411-15 “Improving global comparability: how do Europe’s S&L policies stack up”: Minor changes through the paper and main author has changed from Reeves to Weyl.

9-176-15 “Another perspective on environmental impacts of planned obsolescence”: text of footnote 1 has been changed and Vidalenc reference on page 2121.