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What’s on? Compliance of televisions with energy labelling and ecodesign regulations

Panel: 7. Appliances, product policy and the ICT supply chain

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Tom Lock, Energy Saving Trust, United Kingdom
Juraj Krivosik, SEVEn, Czech Republic
Thibault Faninger, BIO Intelligence Service by Deloitte, France


The 2014 evaluation of the energy label prioritised the need to address market surveillance to recoup the estimated 10% of potential energy savings lost as a consequence of poor enforcement. ComplianTV was initiated to address these needs specifically for televisions (TVs), given the recent entry into force of the TV related regulations and the specific challenges that exist in this market – for example the market size, the breadth of suppliers, the energy impacts and the complexities around the standardisation and measurement process. ComplianTV supports the market transformation of TVs towards more energy-efficient products. The project works alongside the EU energy labelling (1062/2010) and ecodesign (642/2009) regulations for TVs in a number of ways: ensuring that non-compliant products are identified and removed from the market, engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders, improving performance through competition and guiding consumers towards the most efficient products available. The project aims to support the activities of national Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) and an overall increased culture of compliance among manufacturers and retailers. So far the project has assessed 162 TV models, identified a number of non-compliant products and created and published the results in a publically accessible database. It has identified standardisation anomalies and produced guidelines for TV testing and recommendations for future policy development; it has inspected the compliance of 100 physical and 100 online shops across 5 countries finding non-compliance rates of 41% and 74% respectively and it has established a detailed dialogue with MSAs, manufacturers and retailers across Europe. The project is delivering an improved compliance rate of future TVs through a detailed discussion and remedy action process with non-compliant manufacturers and retailers, by means of returning to the retailers and checking manufacturer’s products to verify the implementation of remedy actions; capacity building with testing laboratories on the TV testing issues and standardisation anomalies uncovered; and national and European workshops with MSAs sharing project outputs.


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