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eceee 2017 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Consumption, efficiency and limits

ISSN: 2001-7960 (online)/1653-7025 (print)

ISBN: 978-91-983878-1-0 (online)/978-91-983878-0-3 (print)

All 2017 papers, presentations and abstracts are free for vieweing and download.

See eceee’s ethical guidelines for papers and review process.

The following papers have been corrected by the authors since the proceedings were published (and therefore differ from the printed and flash drive versions of the papers).

8-222-17 “Characterization of utility programs’ enrollment by income and region”: The CARE program name has been corrected to "California Alternate Rates for Energy", and reference No. [4] has been added.

9-330-17 “Effectively reducing energy demand in the residential sector: A multidisciplinary approach”: Figure 2 has been revised.

In addition to the errata above, paper 8-413-17 “M&V 2.0: Hype v. Reality?” has already been published in the proceedings for the 2016 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.