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Electricity consumption of cold appliances, washing machines, dish washers, tumble driers and air conditioners. On-site monitoring campaign in 100 households. Analysis of the evolution of the consumption over the last 20 years.

Panel: 7. Appliances, products, lighting and ICT

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Muriel Dupret, Independent Consultant, France
Jean-Paul Zimmermann, ENERTECH, France


Monitoring campaigns have showed since 20 years that domestic electricity consumption structure has drastically changed and is in constant and rapid evolution. Unitary consumptions of most appliances have decreased, mainly thanks to EU directives. But these energy savings have been compensated by increase of ownership level, appliances size, as well as emergence of new devices.

To know more about actual energy consumption in French household and its evolution over the last 20 years a measurement campaign has been done in 100 French households during 1 year .Electricity consumption of cold appliances, washing machines, dish washers, tumble driers and some air-conditioners has been monitored at a 10 minutes time step.

This study assesses the different factors that influence the consumption:

– Technical features due mainly to stock renewal and European Ecodesign Regulations,

– Possible behavior changes related to evolution of social practices.

It also shows that the part of total electricity consumption covered by cold and washing appliances has been divided by factor 2 during the last 20 years. Nevertheless it raises questions about the current distribution of electricity consumption between the different household equipment, mainly the non-measured ones.


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