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eceee 2022 Summer Study on energy efficiency: agents of change

ISSN: 2001-7960 (online)/1653-7025 (print)

ISBN: 978-91-988270-1-9 (online)/978-91-988270-0-2 (print)

All papers and presentations from the 2022 Summer Study available.

You need to be a member of eceee or an eceee 2022 Summer Study participant to access pdf:s of papers and presentations. All abstracts are open access.

See eceee’s ethical guidelines for papers and review process.

The following papers have been corrected by the authors since the proceedings were published (and therefore differ from the previous version of the papers).

3-284-22 “From Kyoto to Paris and Glasgow: overview of international climate agreements and regimes, their limitations, and the role of energy efficiency and sufficiency”: Title has been corrected (2022-09-08).

6-161-22 “Intervening me softly – modeling nudging interventions to change EV user preferences”: Figure 2 and 3 have been corrected (2022-08-23).

Please note that the wrong ISBN number was previously displayed above. This has been corrected.