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  • Access to parts of the website reserved for members, such as the on-line library of eceee proceedings
  • Weekly exclusive members newsletter from the Coalition for Energy Savings
  • Access to the scientific journal Energy Efficiency (Springer Press)
  • Discounted registration fees for Summer Studies and other events
  • Discounted prices of proceedings and other publications
  • Organisational members are also listed on our public web site and can present themselves on the organisational members' forum 

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    MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2020 (All prices exclusive of VAT)

    Personal member

    One year fee €75,00
    Two-year fee (2020-2021): €125,00

    Students (personal membership)

    One year fee € 45,00
    Two-year fee (2020-2021): €75,00

    Member organisation:

    All organisational memberships include membership and web access for 5 individuals affiliated with your organisation. For additional individuals, please see below.

    Large Enterprise €8000.

    Trade/Industry Association €1800.

    Standard € 1175,00For companies/agencies with more than 15 employees if not covered by any of the categories below or above. Trade associations and similar with fewer than 15 employees are also included in this category.

    Medium € 775,00. Companies or agencies with 6-15 employees.

    Research Institute € 775,00. Research organisations with more than 5 employees.

    Consulting company €775,00. Consulting companies with more than 5 employees.

    Small €275,00. All companies or agencies with 1-5 employees.

    Environmental NGOs €275,00.

    Reduced fee for countries with low purchasing power standards 275,00: All organisations in countries with GDP per capita in so-called Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) for 2012 at or below 70 according to Eurostat. In Europe, these countries are Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montengro, Poland. Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.

    For more info on PPS, follow this link.  
    For a map of current PPS levels.

    Additional individual €50,00. For each additional individual affiliated with your organisation

    VAT or not?

    Membership fees include a service fee component, which is liable to 25% Swedish VAT. The following rules apply:

    • If you are based outside EU: VAT will not be charged.
    • If you are based inside the EU (except Sweden): VAT will be not be charged if your organisation has a VAT registration number.
    • If you are based inside Sweden, VAT will always be charged.

    Send us an e-mail at to apply. (Form currently not working)