Bulgarian Association for Energy Efficiency (BAEE)


The Bulgarian Association for Energy Efficiency (BAEE) is a leading Bulgarian energy NGO established in 2012. Our main goal is to support the development of energy efficiency in Bulgaria through sustainable legislative and financial policies. In this direction BAEE aims to stimulate investments in energy efficiency projects by promoting the use of established and innovative financial instruments – energy performance contracts, energy efficiency investment funds and EU and national grant programs. On a practical level BAEE leverages its relationship with relevant decision-makers to support legislative changes that minimize the barriers to energy efficiency investments and incentivize the end users to achieve energy savings. BAEE also cooperates with Bulgarian and European financial institutions, utilities, and technology vendors on promoting the implementation of advanced energy saving technologies – smart grid development, demand response services, passive buildings construction, etc. We are looking for European non-governmental or private organizations that are interested to become our partners in supporting energy efficiency development in Bulgaria.