Danish Energy Agency
Clearing House Project

The project is based on the EC's intentions for establishing a Clearinghouse for promotion of small-medium scale sustainable energy projects as stated in the EU Green Paper on Energy Efficiency. The technology focus is on RUE in building measures.

The intervention of ClearSupport targets project owners - municipalities and residential & associated actors - in the regions Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Poland, Czech Republic and Crete . The results of the performed work and its replication value will be disseminated broadly, especially aiming at 'paving way for better energy building performance in EU less developed regions.

The action entails these objectives with a view to facilitating local Clearinghouse establishment by: • Helping to overcome organisational barriers for efficient Clearinghouse operations at local level and giving feedback to the EC on the local implementation process
• Helping to create a sound framework for RUE in building projects
• Bridging the gab between project owners - municipalities and residential - and the financing sources available for project financing Raising awareness and channel information to the action's target groups on RUE in building projects and Clearinghouse aspects in general

The ClearSupport action is expected to serve a vehicle for the development of a European Clearinghouse for small-medium scale sustainable energy projects, and giving feedback to the EC on the implementation process. Its main direct impact will be the initiation of a considerable number of RUE in building projects processed through the PSF. Its further potential is to streamline project handling under a Clearinghouse, thereby addressing the huge need for sustainable energy investments in EU less developed regions.