Danish Energy Agency
Reg Energy

RegEnergy has established a Europe wide network of communities, energy suppliers, research facilities and regional development agencies which share and exchange information and knowledge concerning reforms of the heat energy sector. Its main focus lies on the promotion and strengthening of renewable and energy-efficient energies. The project conveys innovative political and financial solutions to regions and communities in order to meet the challenge of an increasing energy demand for heat and cold. It thereby contributes to the supply of secure, environmentally sound and affordable heat energy in Europe.

RegEnergy strengthens the economic and social cohesion in Europe as safeguarding the energy supply is an important precondition for economic development and the promotion of competitiveness on a regional level. It was co-funded by the European Union as an Interreg IIIC project with a duration of 30 months. (April 2005 - December 2007).

RegEnergy partners have jointly developed a web based guide for municipal and regional decision makers, which enables regional and municipal policy-makers

a) to search for relevant good practice examples covering innovative policy measures and financing solutions for sustainable heating and cooling projects and

b) to develop suitable approaches to implement sustainable heating and cooling projects and measures in their regions or communities.

The web based guide takes into account different potential interest profiles of regional and municipal policy makers:

  • Do you want to promote sustainable heating/cooling solutions at regional or local level?
  • Do you want to be a leader by example, e.g. by improving municipal utility and district heating services for your community, by setting up energy management systems or using renewable heating/cooling in public buildings?
  • Do you want to foster sustainable heating/cooling solutions by spatial planning or regional/local energy planning?
  • Do you want to promote regional development, business development and job creation through sustainable heating/cooling?
  • Do you want to contribute to mitigate global warming and climate change through sustainable heating/ cooling?

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