The European Copper Institute

European Copper Institute

The European Copper Institute (ECI) is the leading advocate for the copper industry in Europe. Through a team of policy, industry and scientific experts, ECI acts to support copper’s role in achieving the EU’s policy goals.

Part of the International Copper Association (ICA), ECI promotes copper’s crucial role in the energy transition, electromobility, and the building or renovation of sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

Through robust methodologies based on business and scientific data, ECI ensures the copper industry's license to operate receives fair treatment under the European Green Deal. ECI also participates in several alliances and associations like the Coalition for Energy Savings, the RenovateEurope Campaign, and the Electrification Alliance.

Since 2004, ECI has initiated and coordinated Leonardo ENERGY, a webinar channel that fosters the acceleration of the energy transition with over 500 online briefings and debates to date.