H2020 streamSAVE assists Member States in their efforts to deliver savings and help them meet energy efficiency targets under Article 3 and 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). A series of activities, divided into three categories, are carried out with the intent of improving the energy saving methodologies and capacities of stakeholders across Europe.

These categories include:

Knowledge facility - helps Member States align energy savings estimates with actual savings achieved, focuses on the bottom-up calculations methodologies of technical actions and defines guidelines to estimate the cost effectiveness,

Capacity Support Facility - provides Member States with one-to-one technical support,

Knowledge exchange facility - sharing of experiences among Member States facilitated by experts.

StreamSAVE will target a total of 10 priority actions (technical solutions with high energy savings potential) over the course of the project.

IEECP leads the knowledge exchange and sustainability beyond the implementation of the project, provides policy expert support in other tasks and leads pilots in several MS of the streamSAVE project.