Josef Stefan Institute, Energy Efficiency Centre

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI)

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the main national scientific research institute, responsible for a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in the fields of natural sciences and technology. The JSI Energy Efficiency Centre (JSI/EEC) is engaged in research, development, consulting and training in the fields of energy efficiency (EE), analyses and strategic planning in energy, climate mitigation and air pollution reduction, renewable energy sources (RES), local energy and energy services.

JSI/EEC supports national climate and energy policy stakeholders with background studies among others: energy and climate plan, long-term climate strategy, EE and RES action plans, long-term strategy for energy renovation of buildings, implementation of NEC Directive in Slovenia etc. It also contributes in developing key climate, EE and RES policy instruments: CO2 tax, energy performance contracting, feed-in tariffs for RES & CHP electricity. JSI/EEC supports ministries in monitoring, evaluation and reporting of policy and measures implementation. It is strongly connected with industry and public sector transferring know how via dedicated consulting and trainings. JSI/EEC is extensively involved in European research projects (Horizon, LIFE). JSI/EEC is strengthening its activities for local communities by development of planning tools and strategic development documents (heat maps, analyses of potentials etc.).