Motiva Ltd.

Motiva Ltd
Motiva Ltd is an expert company promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials. Its services are utilised by the public administration, businesses, communities, and consumers. Motiva operates as an affiliated Government agency (an in-house unit), and its functions will be developed as such. The company’s entire share stock is in Finnish state ownership. Mission We create well-being by promoting the use of energy and materials that are as harmless to the environment and as productive as possible. Vision Motiva and its networks is decision-makers’ and end-users’ best expert concerning energy and materials efficiency and renewable energy. Motiva is the strategic partner of the main authorities in its field. Motiva is extensively known as a reliable and impartial expert. Services Marketing of Energy Efficiency Agreements, support and monitoring of implementation Development of energy audit and analysis activity Increasing the use of renewable energy Promoting of material efficiency Publicising energy and material efficiency Influencing attitudes and consumer habits Monitoring and impacts assessment