négaWatt Association



The négaWatt association is a non-governmental French think tank involving around twenty experts in energy issues with strong field experience and complementary skills. Established in 2001, it is supported by more than 1,500 individual members.

Its main purpose is to recommend solutions on energy demand and supply to implement an energy transition in France, reducing as much as possible all the detrimental risks and impacts of the national energy system (greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, material resource depletion, energy poverty, nuclear accident risks, etc.).

Through applying the négaWatt approach to France - based on energy sufficiency, energy efficiency, and renewable sources - the organisation has developed an energy transition scenario for the country. At the European level négaWatt particularly engages on issues relating to energy sufficiency and material resources. The Association has been leading the work around CLEVER, a Collaborative Low Energy Vision for the European Region, which was published in June 2023 and achieves GHG neutrality by 2045 and 100% renewables. It is part of the consortium working on FULFILL, an H2020 project on sufficiency and lifestyle changes.

The négaWatt Association is a non-profit organisation mostly funded by individual member fees, as well as contributions from benefactors, foundations, and NGOs.