Real Estate and Construction Companies’ Management (MDI) - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)


The Master’s Degree on Real Estate and Construction Companies’ Management (MDI) was created in 1987 by the Technical University of Madrid, a state-run institution which holds the largest and oldest engineering and architecture schools in Spain. It soon spread across Latin America where, as in Spain, a more professional Real Estate industry was needed. During these 30 years, we have trained +8.500 professionals that today lead the industry.

But now, the cycle starts again: although the industry is more efficient nowadays, it lacks a real understanding of what sustainability truly means, and has not put it at the core of its long-term strategy. We have a new mission: to develop a real estate industry that is sustainable (environmentally, economically, socially and culturally) and profitable both at a private and at a social level.