SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center

SEVEn Energy

SEVEn's mission is to protect environment and support economic development by encouraging the more efficient use of energy. The Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Advisory Board control how SEVEn fulfills its mission. The members of these boards are internationally acknowledged domestic and foreign figures in the area of energy and the environment and they all have experience from state administration, universities and the private sector. Jaroslav Marousek has been the Executive Director of the company since 1990. Activities of SEVEn SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Centre was established in 1990 as a not-profit consultancy company. The consultancy company SEVEn concentrates on advisory services for business development and economically efficient energy use. Through its work it tries to overcome barriers, which prevent the adequate use of economically effective energy savings in everyday life, household situations, industry, commercial and public spheres.