Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit - Ministry for Energy and Health (Malta)


The Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit, carries out functions related to the design, implementation, and dissemination of water, conventional energy and alternative energy policy for the Maltese islands. In the execution of its functions, the Unit has the following responsibilities: (a)   the design, development and cohesive coordination of conventional and alternative energy policies and measures together with water policy and secure governance across and within Ministries, Departments and government entities; (b)   the monitoring, reviewing and updating of conventional energy, alternative energy and water conservation in accordance with European Union and international requirements; (c)    leading and coordinating co-funded projects relating to conventional energy, alternative energy and water across Ministries; (d)   the design, development and management of a sustained knowledge, education, information and communications framework directed to influence behaviour with regard to alternative energy use; (e)   the drawing up of legislative proposals in support of national policies as necessary; (f)    any other initiative or activity that is complementary and conducive to the fulfilment of the responsibilities of the Unit; and (g)   the general regulation of its own procedures, provided it does not violate the provisions of any other law.