Welcome as an eceee member

eceee welcomes both individuals and organisations as members. As an eceee member you help to support eceee's work on energy efficiency. eceee is an association, and members elect eceee’s board. Members are also consulted to help shape eceee’s position on various topics.

Members also have direct benefits, including:

  • Bi-weekly news updates from the Coalition for Energy Savings exclusively for eceee members
  • Access to parts of the website reserved for members, such as the on-line library of eceee proceedings
  • Access to the scientific journal Energy Efficiency (Springer Press)
  • Discounted registration fees for Summer Studies and other events.
  • Discounted prices of proceedings and other publications
  • Organisational members are also listed on our public web site and can present themselves on the organisational members' forum

Membership fees are set so that individuals pay a low fee and organisations a larger fee, depending on their size and type. For current fees, please see become a member.