Energy Efficiency Obligations

Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) requires EU Member States to introduce energy efficiency obligation schemes (EEOSs). EEOS require energy companies to save 1.5% of their energy sales on an annual basis with EE projects. As an alternative to EEOSs, Article 7 provides Member States the option to introduce alternative policy measures to EEOS as long as these measures deliver equivalent energy savings.

As of June 2015, five member states - Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, and UK - have existing EEOS (Belgium-Flanders had a scheme that expired in 2012). The major of EU Member States rely on a mixture of EEOS plus alternative measures or on alternative measures alone.

The resources section includes links to additional information about the status and impacts of EEOS in EU Member States. See also the eceee Frequently Asked Questions about EEOSs.