Energy Efficiency Watch

The Energy Efficiency Watch project, of which eceee is a partner, is a 3-year project under the European Union LIFE programme aiming to support the public sector at all governance levels in an ambitious and high-quality implementation of the EU Green Deal and its energy efficiency policies.

The project aims to develop meaningful narratives for different national and regional contexts and comprehensive policy information. 

The foregoing EEW4 laid the ground for the narratives research and development. The overarching objective of EEW5 is to support enabling narratives for the European Green Deal, putting more emphasis on:

a) increased competitiveness and

b) a better quality of life and thus creating the necessary buy-in of larger groups of society across all EU Member States.

The EEW project will address all sectors of energy efficiency technologies, e.g. buildings, industry and services, to represent the full range of benefits and contributions of energy efficiency. The project focuses on communication and knowledge sharing between policy makers and market participants (the business stakeholders’ community), with the following objectives.

Objective 1

Discuss and broadly disseminate the new energy efficiency policies under the Green Deal with policy makers and the stakeholder community, through the EEW5 policy dialogue platform:

  • Events at European and national parliaments.
  • Events for the stakeholder community (businesses, regions, cities, energy agencies, NGOs) at regional and municipal levels in all EU Member States.
  • Dissemination of findings and results via website, social media, report and a brochure.

Objective 2

Create a strong link between EU Green Deal related energy efficiency policies (revised Energy Efficiency Directive and other relevant directives and instruments) and supportive narratives. Collecting input from various stakeholder groups on successful (or counterproductive) narratives, which can support EU policy implementation in the respective countries and sector contexts. 

The project collects opinions from experts in all EU Member States on how they see the progress of energy efficiency in their own country in the last 3 years. Find more information about the survey here.

Objective 3

Develop, test and roll-out new narratives and provide policy recommendations through input from various stakeholder groups on successful (or counterproductive) narratives.  

Previous Energy Efficiency Watch projects

Energy Efficiency Watch 5 is based on the findings of the preceding projects EEW4, EEW3, EEW2 and EEW1. EEW 1–3 analysed the mechanisms of how to further encourage mutual learning on policy instruments among the EU MS.

Find more information about the project here.