Is efficient sufficient?

All information on energy sufficiency is now found on eceee’s new energy sufficiency website.

The original report Is efficient sufficient? can be found in the energy sufficiency website library.

eceee report

  • Is efficient sufficient? The case for shifting our emphasis in energy specifications to progressive efficiency and sufficiency (pdf), 22 March 2010

Background reading

eceee Summer Study papers

ACEEE Summer Study papers

Energy Efficiency

  • Jeffrey Harris et al: Towards a sustainable energy balance: progressive efficiency and the return of energy conservation, Energy Efficiency 2008 (available for eceee members from Energy Efficiency, online version, Issue No. 3, August 2008)

Other links & documents

  • Jack Barkenbus: Putting Energy Efficiency into a Sustainability Context: The Example of Refrigerators (pdf), Environment, October 2006
  • Linda Baker: Great big green monster mansions,, 7 July 2004
  • Martin Holladay: Raising the Bar for Energy Star Homes, 29 April 2009