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November 2023

EU Parliament support for renewable fuel-powered trucks prompts controversy

Frequent flyers are rewarded for polluting. Let them pay the full price

China's progress on renewables to meet climate goals undermined by coal expansion-research

Mozambique fine tunes new $80 bln energy transition blueprint

Electricity market reform must rethink energy efficiency for renewables era

Climate crisis and energy costs fuel £600 rise in UK household food bill, analysis finds

Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda

The last piece in the EU’s hydrogen policy puzzle: grid ownership rules

German Greens make way for European carbon management plan

Cop28 host UAE planned to promote oil deals during climate talks

British empire’s past emissions ‘double UK’s climate responsibility

Australian super fund puts billions into backing Britain’s energy transition

Success of Geert Wilders’ far-right PVV raises fears for Dutch climate policies

Germany faces shortage of 300,000 workers by 2030 as demand for jobs in renewable industry rises – report

The ‘inevitable’ fossil fuel fight set to dominate Cop28

EU must stop ‘playing small’, EPBD is crucial for reducing emissions from buildings – BPIE

Toxic air killed more than 500,000 people in EU in 2021, data shows

UN-led talks weigh goal to reduce aviation emissions thorough less-polluting fuels

Doubling renewables already planned by governments, now tripling within sight

France unveils 2030 energy targets, criticised by environmental NGOs

Czechia will use EU’s Just Transition Fund for large ‘risky’ projects

Parliament votes to water down EU’s packaging waste law

What’s that on top of the building? A new solar water heating system goes online as its developer enters the US market

‘You can walk around in a T-shirt’: how Norway brought heat pumps in from the cold

Companies still investing too much in fossil fuels, global energy watchdog says

EU tables new regulation to track climate threats to forests using satellites

Europe’s buildings are off track to climate neutrality

UK: The most vulnerable shoulder rising energy costs because their homes aren’t efficient enough – here’s why that’s so hard to tackle

Pakistan has a plan for adapting to climate change – will it work?

MEPs throw lifeline to the oil industry by backing biofuels loophole for trucks

Indian farmers rack up carbon credits with climate-conscious ways

France, US to propose ban on private finance to coal-fired plants at COP28

Pakistan’s women go unheard in climate change conversations

Leasing sector could flood second hand market with electric cars

Climate aid to poorer nations should not rely on 1992 calculations, EU insists

‘Vulnerable’ Pacific countries must get maximum benefit from ‘loss and damage’ fund, Australian climate minister says

Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says

Billionaires are out of touch and much too powerful. The planet is in trouble

Climate complacency: study finds even the most informed people would rather take the easy option

EU, Germany and Denmark sued by oil firm over windfall tax

World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28

Is China emitting a climate super pollutant in violation of an international environmental agreement?

Shipowners challenge green fuels’ inclusion in truck CO2 standards

OECD: Rich countries “likely” to hit $100bn climate finance goal in 2022

EU governments to auction 244 mln carbon permits from Jan-Aug 2024 - Commision

EBRD backs 4 billion euro plan to wean North Macedonia off coal power

Deal on new EU rules to tackle electricity market manipulation

The roadblocks obstructing EV uptake in Nepal

UK government weakens energy efficiency targets for farmers

EU law pushes foreign oil and gas producers to cut methane

Appetite for carbon-related insurance is growing, say experts

Could COP28 help protect Africans from growing modern slavery?

Solar energy could power all health facilities in poorer countries and save lives, experts say

From China’s emissions to Australia’s offshore windfarms, things are moving on climate – some even in the right direction

Will EU’s buildings directive bring benefits for low-income households?

Poorer EU regions look to citizens to finance the green transition

Health consequences of the climate crisis needs more focus in policy-making

Michigan set to enact major climate bills with efficiency and electrification boost

Geopolitical situation makes upcoming COP28 as important as Paris climate talks – German foreign min

The past years were the hottest on record. Yet we’re on track to burn more fossil fuels

EU deal on methane must not give coal mining industry a free pass

EU agrees mineral supply targets to cut reliance on China

Shared mobility to make up 7% of all urban journeys by 2030 - report

Construction starts on electricity link between France, Ireland

Time to close the gap that allows EU companies to fuel the climate crisis

World behind on almost every policy required to cut carbon emissions, research finds

EU commits to put 'substantial' money in COP28 climate damage fund

Analysis: China’s emissions set to fall in 2024 after record growth in clean energy

UK sued for counting wood burning with carbon capture as ‘negative emissions’

Can Indonesia deliver a green power plan for the people?

EU strategic partnerships for a resilient and sustainable supply of raw materials

Amsterdam marchers demand climate action as Dutch election nears

This decade “crucial” for Germany en route to climate neutrality by 2045 – researchers

Oil and gas industry jittery as EU nears deal on methane leakage

Floating factories of artificial leaves could make green fuel for jets and ships

Energy efficiency needs to be visible and integrated in the energy mix – study

Top EU, China climate officials to hold talks next week

COP28: a year on from climate change funding breakthrough, poor countries eye disappointment at Dubai summit

Heat pumps tempt Twickenham residents – if the house is ready for one

What's a 15-minute city? Liveable urban space or climate lockdown?

In a first, pope to have day of private meetings with world leaders in Dubai

Third of Germany’s heating systems over 20 years old, three in four must be replaced by 2045 - industry

Shell sues Greenpeace for $2.1m in damages over fossil fuel protest in North Sea

US: The Energy Department is catching up on efficiency standards, with little room for delay

Fuels industry urges EU countries to finalise dormant energy tax overhaul

Air pollution standard backed by MEPs is ‘worse than useless’

Small modular nuclear reactor that was hailed by Coalition as future cancelled due to rising costs

Rail travel for work: which companies are paving the way for sustainable business travel?

Climate fatigue isn’t a sign that Europeans are in denial – it’s a sign of their fear

China releases methane control plan with no reduction target

COP28 climate dispute: What are "unabated" fossil fuels?

This year ‘virtually certain’ to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say

Out of sight, out of mind: let’s make energy efficiency visible in the energy mix

The world agrees on full phase-out of fluorescent lamps but fail to catch full savings

Corporations fall short on implementing green agendas: report

US invests $2 billion for lower-carbon construction at federal buildings

What's the plan for a UN climate loss and damage fund?

EU readies new recycling goals for permanent magnets in white goods, wind turbines

Portugal sets new record as energy production exceeds demand

Millions of US homes are so overheated they open their windows in the winter. Why?

Millions of US homes are so overheated they open their windows in the winter. Why?

How 120 of the world’s major cities could cut transport CO2 by 22%

Third of users would opt out of Germany’s nationwide public transport ticket if price was to rise – survey

Deal on loss and damage fund clears way for COP28, EU climate chief says

Carmakers are hiking the prices of small cars far above inflation

US and UK militaries owe combined $111bn in climate reparations – study

At COP28, climate finance takes centre stage

Half of Europe's family homes could be energy self-sufficient with solar and storage – report

Never fly again? Go vegan? It was too hard. But I still cut my emissions by 61% and it made life simpler and better

Climate’s ‘Catch-22’: Cutting air pollution heats up the planet

Why AI and energy are the new power couple

October 2023

Banks pumped more than $150bn in to companies running ‘carbon bomb’ projects in 2022

‘We're losing money to climate change’: Corporates push for fossil fuels phase-out ahead of COP28

Companies in transport sector call on governments to back stricter air pollution limits

EU countries behind schedule on 2030 energy efficiency goals: report

Heavy industry turns to carbon capture to clean up its act

German chancellor Scholz turns to Nigeria for new gas and hydrogen partnerships

IEA 4E SSL Annex finds LED retrofit lamps cut environmental impact by 44 to 61% compared to T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps

Carbon budget for 1.5°C will run out in six years at current emissions levels – new research

Who were the worst of the worst climate polluters in 2022?

Doctors from around the world unite to call for urgent climate action

Rich countries should stop pushing fossil fuels on Africa – don’t we deserve a renewable future too?

China objects to UN fund warnings on solar’s forced labour risks

Is crisis at Siemens Energy symptom of a wider wind power problem?

The weights and dimensions law is crucial to accelerating zero-emission truck sales

Europe’s oldest renewables industry wants more attention from Brussels

Opinion: We need accountability from oil companies at COP28, not leadership

Energy costs for German households drop 30% since height of energy crisis – analysis

Solar power expected to dominate electricity generation by 2050 – even without more ambitious climate policies

EU should link Green Deal to industrial policy to ensure international competitiveness – German industry

Finalising the EU’s electricity market redesign for the benefit of small consumers

From nuclear to heat pumps: What’s included in the UK’s new Energy Act

Stop locking young people out of legal process in climate cases, say experts

Italy’s new Energy and Climate Plan: facts, figures and recommendations for transport

Spain’s new Energy and Climate Plan: facts, figures and recommendations for transport

Will COP28 deliver a new fund for climate loss and damage?

Interview: Empowering women in South and Southeast Asia with finance for solar

Parliament adds nuclear to EU’s net-zero industry shortlist

Housing, energy, and consumer groups applaud senate opposition to raising energy prices for Americans

‘Carbon gamble’? EU lawmakers back CO2 removal certification scheme

Macron's Smart Solar Move

Poland’s climate-friendly coalition warned of obstacles to emissions goals

World oil, gas, coal demand to peak by 2030, IEA says

To tackle the climate crisis, the Green Climate Fund needs serious money

Consumer, housing, and energy groups call on senate to vote no on amendment that would raise families’ energy bills

Leading EU committee supports near phase-out of diesel trucks

Higher energy bills forecast for UK households next year

EU must cut carbon emissions three times faster to meet targets, report says

Industry could save $437 bln a year via energy efficiency efforts

Sunak faces further pressure over net zero U-turn after IEA warning

Tensions soar over new fund for climate 'loss and damage' ahead of COP28

Data centres brace for new EU energy reporting obligations

State of the climate: Global temperatures throughout mid-2023 shatter records

Heat pump grant boosted by 50% to improve slow take-up across England and Wales

Pro-renewables EU countries call for more support for green energy

The Philippines excludes fossil fuels, mining but not waste-to-energy in draft green taxonomy

Surging renewable energy sees record supply to Australia’s electricity grid

As a global energy crisis returns, the UK push for a green economy makes even more sense

We need to stop gambling with our planet - and our well-being - now

Germany must anticipate fuel price jump from 2027 EU emissions trading – think tank

In Vietnam, climate arrests spark backlash to green energy plan

LEAK: Brussels finalises ‘wind power package’ to help beleaguered EU industry

Banks call for clarity on Britain's investment path to net-zero economy

Why heating your home this winter may be even harder than last year

‘Golden era’ lying ahead for EU’s energy efficiency industries, IEA says

70+ companies call on the Commission to publish the MDMS Regulation by the end of the year

Climate activists force Fed chair Jerome Powell off stage in New York

Australia is already an energy superpower. We should be using that to drive the world towards renewables

Greta Thunberg joins second climate protest in London this week

Deal on EU electricity market reform: What did Paris and Berlin obtain?

US: This number helps explain why rooftop solar is becoming more attractive in many states

Leasing giants called out for weak climate leadership and low ambition on electric cars in the EU – new investigation

Colombia and Mali leading efforts to improve air quality, new ranking finds

Low income UK homes ‘should be given free heat pumps’ to meet climate targets – but hydrogen ruled out

EU countries hammer out joint stance for COP28 climate summit

Election outcome to shape direction and pace of Poland’s energy transition

Berge Bulk launches wind power-aided ship to cut emissions

Automakers blast US plan to hike fuel efficiency rules

Global electricity grid must be upgraded urgently to hit climate goals, says IEA

The leasing sector is looking for a green leader

Consumers sharing cheap renewable electricity? It’s possible, if EU really wants to

After fraught discussions, EU countries reach deal on truck CO2 standards

Energy ministers try to unblock France, Germany spat over industrial competition

Malawi swelters in record heat with temperatures nearly 20C above average

SUVs emit more climate damaging gas than older cars do, study finds

Economic concerns dominate Germans’ fears, climate change in 10th place – survey

How a German politician’s lawsuit may change the EU for good

Africa and India push rich nations to phase out fossil fuels faster

Legislators water down EU buildings directive after marathon talks

Biden selects 7 hydrogen hubs across 16 states for $7 billion in US grants

New climate chief under fire for weakening EU’s COP28 stance on fossil fuel exit

France under pressure to compromise in EU electricity market talks

Clean cooking stoves for Africa: The IEA’s pitch to EU for COP28

A carbon correction factor for trucks? Don’t be fooled by the oil industry’s latest con

A reality check about solar panel waste and the effects on human health

Can women close the climate ‘gates of hell’?

US announces nearly $2 billion for climate resilience programs

European Parliament wants fair, flexible approach to efficient buildings law

Global temperature rise feared to impact beer production in Europe - researchers

Refusing to fly has lost me my job as a climate researcher. It’s a price worth paying