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March 2023

Polish PM will ‘do anything’ to stop EU combustion engine ban

Africa expects action - and funding - for climate justice

Czech expert: EU Building Directive targets should be met by states, not owners

The EU has set ambitious targets on renewables, but the real challenge starts now

‘Terrified for my future’: climate crisis takes heavy toll on young people’s mental health

Elderly Swiss women bring European court’s first climate case

Swedish right-wing government puts country on ‘wrong’ climate path

UK is Europe’s worst private jet polluter, study finds

UK government pledges world-leading electric car targets

UN adopts landmark resolution on climate justice

'Loss and damage' climate fund should be in place this year -Egyptian negotiator

US House's repeal of energy-saving investments would raise household costs

Nuclear vs renewables: Two camps clash in Brussels

Net zero strategy shows UK will miss 2030 emissions cuts target

The UK’s ‘green day’ has turned into a fossil fuel bonanza – dirty money powers the Sunak government

EU deal on truck charging clears the way for ambitious CO2 targets

Slovakia failed to inform Commission about energy, climate plan progress

'Climate lockdown' anger drives Swiss grandmother to sue Bern at EU court

Climate in court: The Paris Agreement’s role in safeguarding human rights

Eleven EU countries push to keep nuclear out of renewable energy goals

US, Japan reach deal on critical EV battery minerals

Why the EU’s power grids need higher renewable energy targets

Paris plots response to von der Leyen’s ‘unfortunate’ comments on nuclear

EU countries poised to approve 2035 phaseout of CO2-emitting cars

Berlin vote in favour of tighter emission target fails

Unions call for energy transition authority to help workers exiting fossil fuel sector

Little progress made on energy efficiency in UK homes, report finds

The climate cost of post-Covid revenge event-going: How to stop people flying to conferences?

Why China’s renewables push fuels coal power investment

T&E reaction to EU and Germany deal on 2035 zero-emissions cars law

Industrial policy: Will the EU have the money to finance its ambitions?

EU says ‘not banning carbon offsets’ in greenwashing crackdown

Czech coal regions risk losing EU money

Asean Centre for Energy opens ‘Sustainable Renewable Energy’ arm to push bioenergy, electric transport

Cargo ships powered by wind could help tackle climate crisis

Over €200 to fill up a car – the cost of Germany’s bid to keep combustion engines

India's shrinking coal jobs fuel 'distress' migration to cities

States should cut low-income residents' utility bills using new home energy rebates

In U-turn, Germany backs swift adoption of EU power market reform

Homeowners concerned about German ministry’s plans for de-facto oil and gas heating ban

Dieselgate: millions of ‘extremely’ polluting cars still on Europe’s roads, says report

German government in crisis amid boiler ban controversy

The IPCC’s climate report has drawn the battle lines for Cop28: oil profits or a livable future

Participation income: the social welfare model that could help communities fight climate change

Campaigners fear loophole will let new homes in England be fitted with gas boilers

From new jobs to cheap power, community renewables show a better future is possible

Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late

US banks are sacrificing poor communities to the climate crisis

Coking coal remains on EU critical raw materials list after Polish pressure

Seven countries reject nuclear-derived hydrogen from EU renewables law

EU proposes extending energy crisis measure to curb gas demand

Green industry: ‘Buy less Chinese’ instead of ‘buy European’

G7 to hold off revising Russian oil price cap this week - EU officials

The latest IPCC report makes it clear no new fossil fuel projects can be opened. That includes us, Australia

Germany sees progress in EU talks for ban on fossil fuel cars

Asean women leaders see digitalisation as key for sustainable societies

Germany and Japan vow deeper cooperation to secure raw material supply

EU sets world’s first target for underground CO2 storage capacity

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse could slow clean energy startups

Shining example? Solar power boosts struggling Tunisian school

EU’s Net-Zero Industry Act aims to bring home clean tech production

France to push for ‘very ambitious’ EU raw materials diplomacy

Biden administration tells Supreme Court big oil climate cases belong in state court

EU’s Net-Zero Industry Act sends ‘positive signal’ for nuclear, advocates say

France welcomes inclusion of nuclear in EU power market reform

Bosnia to get €70 million from EU for energy support, envoy says

Germany welcomes EU plans to lead global shift to climate-neutral industry

EU takes first step to ensure green technologies are made in Europe

Shop around and turn off appliances: ways to beat Australia’s energy price hikes

Industrial drop saves Germany’s compliance with 2022 climate targets

These small- and medium-sized states punch above their weight in renewable energy generation

East Asia set to win scramble for wind power dominance by 2030

85% of global companies don’t have credible plans to reduce corporate flying emissions

EU Parliament agrees position on buildings law despite pushback

1.5C target not achievable under current conditions, says COP27 host

Finnish investigation blames EU for high electricity bills

Construction sector bets on EU green buildings law as new growth engine

EU’s Breton: Joint debt for green transition no longer a priority

Italian right-wing slam EU Green Homes Directive

The inconvenient truth about EU’s climate and energy ambition

Can Colombia's green energy plan succeed without fossil fuel cash?

Poland wants to loosen EU methane proposal, fears huge fines

Sunak to focus on carbon capture and mini-nuclear reactors in energy policy

EU’s green buildings law faces right-wing backlash in European Parliament

New York city begins its climate change reckoning on the Lower East Side, the hard way

Vietnam’s energy transition deal is a ‘black box’, partner warns

Can Pakistan's electric buses reduce urban air pollution woes?

Energy efficient buildings: the insurance policy against high energy bills

Retrofitting quota and minimum standards needed in EU building efficiency regulation – analysis

Recommendations for the EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan

New EU energy efficiency directive sets 11.7% reduction target by 2030

Brussels prepares ‘strategy’ to boost deployment of heat pumps

EU agrees to push for global fossil fuel phase-out ahead of COP28

Think Sunak’s anti-refugee stance is bad? Just wait till the climate crisis truly ravages poorer countries

Fossil fuels received £20bn more UK support than renewables since 2015

Why renewable energy must be responsible energy

Tug of war over ambition threatens EU energy efficiency law

Sustainable construction: lessons from Helsinki

What is slowing Vietnam’s just energy transition?

Denmark inaugurates world’s first cross-border CO2 storage site

Vulnerable nations set up alliance to prepare loss and damage action plans

Research map reveals great local differences across Germany in attitude to climate action

Women more likely to fall into energy poverty, EU Parliament warns

Land used for European biofuels could feed 120 million people daily

Court restrictions on climate protesters ‘deeply concerning’, say leading lawyers

Chinese cities hit record high temperatures for early March

Gas industry lobbying hard against EU boiler phaseout, leaked emails suggest

EU rewrites climate diplomacy deal to resolve nuclear sticking point

Why European mayors support ambitious building retrofitting goals

Japan to spend $2.35bn on turning Victorian Latrobe valley coal into ‘clean hydrogen’

Von der Leyen meets Scholz ahead of her US visit

Two-thirds of European battery production at risk – analysis

Plans to ban fossil fuel heaters spark outrage in Germany

Climate change effects could cost Germany up to 900 billion euros by 2050 – report

Climate change effects could cost Germany up to 900 billion euros by 2050 – report

Revealed: 1,000 super-emitting methane leaks risk triggering climate tipping points

Countries are relying on forests and soil to absorb their remaining carbon – it’s a risky way to reach net zero

LEAK: Brussels targets 40% of clean tech manufacturing in Europe by 2030

German Science Academy urges speed and cooperation in Europe’s energy transition

‘Green Hydrogen’ would squander renewable energy resources in Massachusetts

Offshore energy workers call for public ownership in UK’s net-zero carbon transition

How to design Europe’s net-zero industry plan

Integrated planning helps local authorities to create sustainable energy and climate plans – report

Heat pump makers worried by EU crackdown on climate-warming F-gases

Italy rejects ‘ideological’ EU ban on combustion engines

EU too lax on methane venting from coal mines, campaigners say

Will efforts to ban the combustion engine fall at the final hurdle?

Solar power battery installations increase exponentially in Germany

Japan’s ‘green transformation’ would derail the energy transition in Asia

No land, no problem: Netherlands innovates to lead EU solar drive

Policy support needed to boost sustainable aviation fuels in China

EU negotiators agree on rules defining European green bonds

CO2 emissions may be starting to plateau, says global energy watchdog

UK efforts to deal with energy crisis ‘raise risk of missing net zero target’

Chinese provinces push for coal and clean energy

February 2023

The easy fix to air pollution linked to planes

Climate campaigners sue BNP Paribas over fossil fuel finance

Energy battle won, but fight not over, says EU energy chief

Germany asks EU for wiggle room on combustion engine phaseout

EPBD recast must define deep renovation as the standard – BPIE study

Confusion surrounds China’s energy policies as GDP and climate goals clash

Scientists pour cold water on UK aviation’s net zero ambitions

GreenerCars 2023: Efficiency and weight – not just electric vs. gas – shape environmental impact

The ‘last drop of diesel’ cartel

Skilled workers from India encouraged to fill gap in Germany’s solar industry

Electricity market reform: Paris challenges Berlin on the timetable

Methane emissions ‘incredibly cheap’ to cut without needing offsets, safeguard mechanism inquiry told

Toxic smog: Iran criticised for winter 'air pollution catastrophe'

Paris drafts European ‘nuclear alliance’

Ukraine: building back better and greener

‘We have no time to lose’: Ban Ki-moon criticises climate finance delays

Transition state of play – Germany is emerging from the energy crisis

War in Ukraine has not increased EU fossil fuel consumption

This ‘climate-friendly’ fuel comes with an astronomical cancer risk

Italy overturns ‘superbonus’ scheme for housing renovation

Southeast Asia lags in electric vehicles. Can it catch up?

India set to push for green World Bank reforms at G20

The American climate migration has already begun

Republicans in the US ‘battery belt’ embrace Biden’s climate spending

Recapturing excess heat could power most of Europe, say experts

Inability to cool homes in summer heat making almost 90% of Centrelink recipients ill, survey finds

‘Energy battle’ between Europe and Russia not over, says global watchdog

Germany eyes state aid to boost domestic production of solar and wind technologies

Italian MEP warns of EU Buildings Directive ‘anti-EU propaganda’

China’s would-be parents and their climate concerns

It’s not just about the colour: too much hydrogen is unsustainable

Germany on collision course with France, Spain over EU power market reform

EU poised to copy US subsidies for green technology – new evidence from China shows how it could backfire

The way ahead for sustainable cooling

Russian gas out, renewables in? Europe clings to green goals

‘No excuse’: IEA tells fossil fuel industry over methane leaks

IEA: Global energy crisis pushed fossil fuel consumption subsidies to an all-time high in 2022

German finance ministry eyes tax cuts for firms' efficiency and climate investments

EU taxonomy for aviation: Will Von der Leyen rubber stamp the biggest act of aviation greenwashing in decades?

Australia’s big emitters could cut CO2 by 90% by 2050 without offsets, report finds

Green housing must be affordable and inclusive for all

Three countries became heat pump forerunners in 2022, Germany did not

Corporations push “insetting” as new offsetting but report claims it is even worse

Germany launches dialogue platform to prepare comprehensive electricity market reform

ECT boss accuses EU of protecting fossil fuels by blocking reforms

Italy brands EU plan to outlaw fossil fuel cars a ‘suicide’

Tap on commitment from COP27 to support Asean renewable energy target

Traffic-linked air pollution exceeds WHO limits across UK, EU capitals: study

What’s a climate ‘Doom Loop?’ These researchers fear we’re heading into one

EU investment rules will greenwash 90% of Airbus’ polluting planes

UK airlines: not paying for pollution

EU turns to long-term solutions for energy crisis

World risks descending into a climate ‘doom loop’, warn thinktanks

Biomass fight leaves EU renewable energy talks in a deadlock

Climate transition plans for banks: EU legislators on a razor’s edge

City of Hamburg bans new combustion engine taxis from 2025

Soaring fuel bills may push 141m more into extreme poverty globally – study

Analysis: Contradictory coal data clouds China’s CO2 emissions ‘rebound’ in 2022

It’s been a decade since Ella Kissi-Debrah died. But Rishi Sunak still drags his heels on clean air for all

Study: IPCC asks emerging countries to drop coal faster than rich nations did

EU retains combustion engines for trucks with 90% CO2 reduction target

Can we trust corporate climate pledges or is it greenwashing?

Germany welcomes EU’s new green hydrogen rules, activists divided

EU sees brutal drop in renewable energy used in transport

Global inequality must fall to maintain a safe climate and achieve a decent standard of living for all – it’s a huge challenge