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May 2024

Clean energy is driving ‘a new era in American manufacturing’ across the Midwest

Germany should focus on battery-electric trucks to push decarbonisation of freight transport – govt advisors

Activists sue Russia over ‘weak’ climate policy

Carbon credits are pollution permits for the rich

New Dutch coalition aims to reintroduce 80mph limit in cull of climate goals

Siemens Energy boss says there can be no energy transition without China

Member states push for faster decarbonisation of heating and cooling

After the EU elections: what should be Europe’s energy and climate priorities for 2024-29?

US: Programs to promote zero-energy and zero-carbon new homes and buildings are growing

Clean cooking: What new global pledge means for climate, nature and gender goals

Biden proposes end to new leases in US’s largest coal-producing region

Paris summit unlocks cash for clean cooking in Africa, side-stepping concerns over gas

‘Magical thinking’: hopes for sustainable jet fuel not realistic, report finds

Energy Efficiency First principle in practice – Report. Online survey open until 15 May

Fossil fuel firms forcing countries to compensate them, Mary Robinson says

English schools face ‘overheating’ for one-third of year under 2C warming

IPCC seeking experts for Assessment report

EU rules limit populists’ damage to climate action in Spain

EU’s promising critical raw materials plans risk being undermined by lack of commitment

Brussels updates rules for fast-track renewable zones, restricted auctions

Investors beware: per € of revenue, truckmakers are more carbon intensive than oil, steel, cars (but not coal!)

Japan sees need for sharp hike in power output by 2050 to meet demand from AI, chip plants

New EU scheme could hike petrol, gas prices higher than expected, key lawmakers admit

Renewables: slow progress means France remains on collision course with EU Commission

The Carbon Brief Interview: Octopus Energy’s Greg Jackson

Banks have given almost $7tn to fossil fuel firms since Paris deal, report reveals

Polish farmers march against ‘green poison’ EU climate change rules

India's solar power subsidies for homes face scepticism

Public development banks should not prop up the fossil fuel industry

Global renewables approach 30% share in 2023, on the back of solar, EU leadership

Greening corporate fleets: an industrial and social policy for Europe

EU rules limit populists’ damage to climate action in Spain

Europe’s auto suppliers – and their workers – feel the pressure

EU’s Green Deal target of disinfo ahead of June vote

Poorer nations must be transparent over climate spending, says Cop29 leader

Italy split on possible solar plant curbs that may jeopardise green goals

Non-CO2 emissions: NGOs, airlines and aviation industry actors call upon the European Commission to monitor non-CO2 emissions on all flights

EU Elections 2024: the Green Deal is being sidelined. What can be done?

Singapore Airlines buys sustainable aviation fuel from Neste

Climate justice groups confront Chevron on San Francisco Bay

CO2 removal ‘gap’ shows countries ‘lack progress’ for 1.5C warming limit

Carbon pricing is seen as a ‘way out’ for the Malaysian steel industry to cut emissions

Climate change-driven insurance crisis threatens new US states

Belgian insurer urges politicians to strengthen low emission zones

Air France, Lufthansa Group airlines part of EU greenwashing probe

Offshore wind: France aims for 45 GW by 2050 with 50% European production

Climate victims testify at Americas rights court in historic case

Bangladesh influencers push tree planting to fight record heat

Court strikes down youth climate lawsuit on Biden administration request

Malta’s energy minister warns: The energy crisis isn’t over

Contrails – Plane to see

Australia's second-largest pension fund blacklists thermal coal investments

Sunak to allow oil and gas exploration at sites intended for offshore wind

2035 coal exit deal by G7 “historic success”, no need to change German legal end date – govt

How to fix the finance flows that are pushing our planet to the brink

April 2024

G7 ministers agree 2035 coal exit, sextupled energy storage and ‘water coalition’

US: Water heater standards set to slash bills and pollution

NSW to announce life extension of Eraring, Australia’s largest coal-fired power station

Spain, Portugal take home most of €720m EU hydrogen award

US scorecard: Cities embrace equity goals in climate efforts, but more action needed

CLARIFICATION: German foreign ministry supports EU proposal to reduce emissions by 90 percent by 2040

What China, Germany, and Texas tell us about Capacity Adequacy

Truck manufacturers a more carbon intensive investment than oil, steel or cars – study

EU report: 91% of cities look to nature-based solutions in face of climate change

African leaders seek record World Bank financing to combat climate change

California community organizer wins prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize

Taxing big fossil fuel firms ‘could raise $900bn in climate finance by 2030’

G7 discussing 2035 end date for coal-fired power plants, source says

Nuclear: €300 million state aid for French small modular reactors

Energy taxation directive: No progress expected before EU elections

Indigenous lands feel cruel bite of green energy transition

10% of global GDP growth came from the new Clean Energy economy in 2023

What are the best materials for sustainable construction and renovation?

Europe’s net-zero industry law will do little for manufacturing ambitions, experts say

Can climate lawsuits help to stop global warming?

Climate groups picket Swiss National Bank's shareholder meeting over its investments

A smart industrial policy to fast-charge Europe’s electric vehicles revolution

Ministers of Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Spain: why we need a global tax on billionaires

Macron at Sorbonne: Energy key to French president’s ‘new European paradigm’

Why does the EU want to quit the Energy Charter Treaty?

Germany supports EU proposal to reduce emissions by 90 percent by 2040 – foreign min

A decarbonising China needs to talk about justice

Groups celebrate updated energy efficiency rules for new US-backed homes

New rule compels US coal-fired power plants to capture emissions – or shut down

Dozens of climate activists arrested at citibank headquarters in New York City during Earth Week

Dozens of climate activists arrested at citibank headquarters in New York City during Earth Week

Putting people first: why healthy buildings matter

EU Parliament approves new ‘ecodesign’ rules to make products more sustainable

Why isn’t China’s emissions growth slowing like its GDP?

Researchers urge Europe to ’embrace’ deindustrialisation

Analysis: Fossil fuels fall to record-low 2.4% of British electricity

EU ETS2 for Buildings, Road Transport in 2027: why we need auctions to start early

Here’s the truth: energy transition is hard. Not everyone gets a pony

China can't quit coal by 2040, researchers say, despite global climate goals

Electric and hybrid car sales to rise to new global record in 2024

South Korean court hears children's climate change case against government

EU’s 2050 net zero goals at risk as EV rollout faces setbacks

Biden marks Earth Day with $7bn ‘solar for all’ investment amid week of climate action

Can renewables ease Africa’s energy access crisis?

Germany’s conservatives double down on criticism of EU’s planned 2035 combustion engine phase-out

Why isn’t Methane included in the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism?

‘Where can you hide from pollution?’: cancer rises 30% in Beirut as diesel generators poison city

‘Children won’t be able to survive’: inter-American court to hear from climate victims

Greens challenge socialists on commitment to climate action

Judge throws out case against UK climate activist who held sign on jurors’ rights

Some UK airlines polluting more than ever as emissions approach pre-pandemic levels

Global billionaires tax to fight climate change, hunger rises up political agenda

More than three quarters of European aviation emissions aren’t subject to a carbon price, new study shows.

It will take an energy transition to keep the lights on in Ukraine

Report: Electric heat pumps will usually minimize costs; fuel backup could help in coldest climates

EU to world: Don’t depend solely on China to hit renewable goals

France unveils 55 ‘turnkey’ sites for clean industry

US Western states could make billions selling renewable energy, but they’ll need a lot more regional transmission lines

From gold to green: Can the Paris 2024 Olympics slash emissions?

Carbon price fall deprives Europe's green funds of billions

Clean energy’s dirty secret: the trail of waste left by India’s solar power boom

Scottish government to abandon pledge to cut carbon emissions 75% by 2030

The Letta report: What’s in the box for Europe’s energy sector

Skills shortage threatens transformation to a sustainable industry – engineers' association

Most EU countries on track to meet charging targets

Green cement production is scaling up – and it could cut the carbon footprint of construction

Fear of ousted populists could be enough to stall climate policy in Poland

Explainer: The EU’s Green Deal Industrial Plan

World Bank climate funding greens African hotels while fishermen sink

Europe is not meeting its cross-border grid connection goals, watchdog warns

New wind installations hit a record last year, report says

Laggard EU seeks growth fixes to compete in global shift to new technologies

Green Deal 2.0: Spain’s Ribera lays down vision for next Commission

German transport minister stirs climate debate with threat of driving bans

ECB and cheap gas to blame for heat pump slump, says lobby group

A highway in Indiana could one day charge your EV while you’re driving It

Reaching climate neutrality by 2045 “unrealistic” for Germany without CCS – research academies

‘Grownup’ leaders are pushing us towards catastrophe, says former US climate chief

Jail for holding a placard? Protest over the climate crisis is being brutally suppressed

‘Right time to revisit’ managed coal phase-out in Japan: GFANZ APAC

Leading environment and climate organisations score European Parliament’s performance on protecting the Green Deal

Germany must support other EU countries in preparing for social impacts of new CO2 price – env agency

Shell says it ‘lobbies for energy transition’ during climate ruling appeal

EuroACE: Final agreement on the Buildings Directive. Time to deliver on the ground

Climate verdict for Swiss women a warning for European states, oil industry

Carmakers must stop complaining and meet the 2025 EU CO2 target (like they did in 2020, and profitably)

China responsible for 95% of new coal power construction in 2023, report says

Australia could reach an ‘ambitious’ emissions cut of up to 75% by 2035, advisers tell Labor

Europe embraces speedier, riskier way of building power grids

Biden races to commit billions to climate action as election looms

Climate target organisation faces staff revolt over carbon-offsetting plan

SBTi needs tighter rules on companies’ indirect emissions

Shift to hydrogen networks: EU Parliament adopts laws for new gas era

EU ‘declaring war’ on energy sector methane emissions

EU Parliament approves deal on world’s first carbon removal certification scheme

UK heat pump adopters open up homes to encourage others to ditch gas boilers

Energy industry calls for quick adoption of EU renewables rules in Germany to keep track

UK startup lifts lid on plan to turn human waste into jet fuel

EU Parliament adopts 90% phase-out of new diesel trucks by 2040

UN climate chief calls for “quantum leap in climate finance”

European populists exploit climate view divide between city and countryside – researcher

European Parliament committees vote to withdraw EU from the Energy Charter Treaty

Human rights violated by inaction on climate, ECHR rules in landmark case

Top Europe court to issue landmark climate verdicts

Don't forget women in new UN climate fund, policymakers urged

Who is winning the Clean Energy race between China, Europe, and the US?

England could produce 13 times more renewable energy, using less than 3% of land – analysis

Big companies' emissions goals are too weak, report says

Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists

Think tank estimates French climate adaptation to cost €5-20 billion per annum

US meat lobby delighted at ‘positive’ prospects for industry after Cop28

The Guardian view on Europe’s troubled green deal: make the case, not concessions

Carbon pricing crucial to deliver on greening transport, Volvo boss says

Forest carbon accounting allows Guyana to stay net zero while pumping oil

Germany surpasses 400,000 plug-in solar PV “balcony power plants”

Africa is on the verge of a building boom. Will it be green?

The cost of Europe’s new nuclear power plants

As Biden pushes for clean factories, a new ‘how-to’ guide offers a path forward

Renewables growth still lags climate targets, think tank says

European survey finds strong support for energy transition, plus pessimism and frustration with political leadership

Just 57 companies linked to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions since 2016

Europe’s industry and power sector emissions plunge 15% in 2023

Should big oil be tried for homicide?

Rooftop PV takes off in EU – NGO report

Rooftop PV takes off in EU – NGO report

A big week for climate policy in Australia: what happened and what to make of it

EU transport ministers discuss ‘problem child’ of green transition

Zambia’s fossil-fuel subsidy cuts help climate and kids – but taxi drivers suffer

Green mortgages set to take off as US makes homes fit for future

Certifying the circular economy, verification required after new deal

Sweden's SSAB to invest $4.8 bln in fossil-free steel mill

Coal phase-out: Germany shuts down 15 coal-fired power plants

Critical crossroads for Europe's climate and resource strategy, coalition calls for sufficiency and resilience

Reused and recycled buildings challenge wasteful construction status quo

Salt, air and bricks: could this be the future of energy storage?

Large electrical heat pumps can be key to decarbonising Europe’s industry

Getting homeowners to invest in comprehensive retrofits is hard: Here’s how to do it