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May 2020

Covid-hit UK begins 18-month preparations for UN climate summit

Corona crisis shakes up shift to sustainable urban mobility

Investors, scientists urge IEA head to take bolder climate stance

EU urged not to mess with UN aviation rules

EU lawmakers debate 65% climate target proposal

UK support grows for a green Covid-19 exit

Clean energy is vital to the Covid-19 response in the world’s poorest countries

U.S. states sue Trump administration over fuel efficiency rollback 2

The European Investment Bank must go further to truly become a ‘climate bank’

Peddle on! Coronavirus lockdown spurs cycling momentum in South America

Electric motorbike gives women in rural Zimbabwe a path out of poverty

First poverty, now pandemic threatens access to electricity

EU €750 billion Covid recovery fund comes with green conditions

Next UN climate summit to be delayed to November 2021, UK hosts propose

Over thirty companies piloting Multiple Benefits training and toolkit despite Covid-19.

U.N. confirms year-long delay for crucial climate summit

Four more years of Donald Trump could ‘delay global emissions cuts by 10 years’

IEA: Coronavirus ‘accelerating closure’ of ageing fossil-fuelled power plants

There is space for carbon storage underground

Ships, planes could help EU pay for virus recovery

Danish groups team up to deliver green hydrogen for transport fuel

Green bailouts: relying on carbon offsetting will let polluting airlines off the hook

EU recovery fund is a chance to accelerate the circular economy

The call for a "Renovation Fund For All Europeans" gains momentum, reaches out to Poland

The case for green buildings in the COVID-19 recovery

World health leaders urge green recovery from coronavirus crisis

'Digital twins' can help create healthier cities after coronavirus

Four cities call for multi-billion-euro clean bus fund

Singapore researchers invent device that produces electricity from light and shadows

Green recovery hinges on the right data

As lockdown clears the air, Cairo looks to keep pollution low

E-bikes could slash transport emissions

Germany’s top court says VW must pay damages to customers

Bust-up over climate weighs on EU-UK talks, risks trade rifts

First Dieselgate ruling by Germany’s top court set to flag legal clarity

In political U-turn, Czechs back EU’s green recovery plan

Could a green new deal turn South Korea from climate villain to model?

Will China’s Covid recovery be green? – Climate Weekly

‘Not appropriate’: Uniper seeks compensation for Dutch coal phase-out

€90 bln needed to realise deep buildings renovation investments for EU’s post Covid-19 recovery

EXCLUSIVE: Eight EU states back ‘natural gas’ in net-zero transition

Our historic duty: A more resilient, inclusive and green recovery

UK approval for biggest gas power station in Europe ruled legal

Here’s how Covid-19 is affecting the biggest source of clean energy jobs

EU plans to protect 30% of land and seas by 2030 for biodiversity

Rwanda submits tougher emission-cutting plan to the UN

Australia backs technology in new carbon emissions plan

Heating electrification amplifies need for efficient buildings, experts say

German cabinet agrees CO2 price of €25 from January 2021

Future shock: COVID-19 failures show need to prep for climate threats

Fossil fuels: Heading down, but not yet out

Climate change is turning parts of Antarctica green, say scientists

Outlook bright as solar energy keeps Nigerian homeworkers powered up

The EU’s state aid regime is upside down

Heed lessons of 2008 crisis, experts warn global leaders

EU 'green' recovery to target buildings, clean power, hydrogen – draft

Coronavirus creates repair headache for oil and gas industry

Industrial decarbonization is essential for addressing climate crisis, report shows

EU’s ‘Clean Hydrogen Alliance’ must focus on renewables, greens insist

Business giants call for science-based green economic recovery

EU plans sweeping bioenergy review by end 2020

Green Deal – and electrification – should be the backbone of EU recovery plan

China smog rises in April for first time this year

Natural forests are best at storing carbon

Zimbabwe tenders for 500MW solar power plants in renewable energy drive

BP chief says Covid has deepened commitment to net-zero emissions

No industry support without a commitment to cleaner production

Climate activists line London's Trafalgar Square with kids' shoes

France to focus aid on greener car sector after virus hit

Spain unveils climate law to cut emissions to net zero by 2050

Gas industry urged to ‘accelerate’ transition to hydrogen

Labour to plan green economic rescue from coronavirus crisis

Labour to plan green economic rescue from coronavirus crisis

Coal industry will never recover after coronavirus pandemic, say experts

A perfect storm? COVID-19 cuts incomes and hikes home energy bills

Could New York’s youth finally convince the state to divest its pension of fossil fuels?

Germany must become climate-neutral by 2038, says government advisory council

Beware of jobs vs. climate clash in virus aftermath, EU warned

Environmental NGOs launch appeal for green reconstruction

Seizing the moment: how Australia can build a green economy from the Covid-19 wreckage

Drop in pollution may bring hotter weather and heavier monsoons

Confined life under COVID-19 focuses global attention on the need to renovate homes

Deutsche Bank targets 200 bln euros of sustainable investment by 2025

China enters a new low-sulphur shipping era

Electric car sales in Europe jumped 57% in Q1 2020

Transparent data is the key to Asia’s green recovery in a post-Covid world

IEA: Oil crisis is ‘litmus test’ for industry’s resolve on climate

UN aviation scheme to supplement, not replace EU carbon trading

Covid-19 outbreak in Polish coal mines heaps further pain on struggling sector

EU urges national governments to take the lead on ‘green’ state aid

US fossil fuel giants set for a coronavirus bailout bonanza

Solar could make up 43% of Singapore’s energy mix by 2050: study

The Green Transition at the heart of the EU Recovery Fund

Life-threatening extreme heat set to trap millions indoors by 2060

Global carbon emissions to slump – but Australia's electricity grid flatlines

COVID-19 is testing the EU’s ‘Just Transition’ plan

Germany’s solar industry could implode this summer

How is the Covid-19 energy slump affecting the weather?

Green heating: €5.7m EU boost for low carbon home heating research

Boost for bikes as Europeans gear up for coronavirus commute

Renovate Europe calls for a “Renovation Fund For All Europeans"

China’s energy storage boom falters

How to keep cities pollution-free after virus lockdowns lift

Republicans urge Trump to bar banks from shunning fossil fuel loans, investments

Hydrogen will be ‘central’ to energy system integration, EU says

How the coronavirus recovery effort can support a European Green Deal

Five ways for governments to green airline bailouts

Planet of the Humans: Could the Michael Moore documentary hurt the energy transition?

World cannot return to 'business as usual' after Covid-19, say mayors

How to save economy and climate together

Pandemic makes private cars more popular, public transport loses out – survey

EU eyes green conditions on state aid to virus-hit firms

EU building ‘renovation wave’ set for launch in September

A California utility announces 770 Megawatts of battery storage. That’s a lot

Coronavirus lockdown speeds India’s shift from coal to solar power

UK's coronavirus recovery should have green focus, Johnson urged

Vattenfall secures new deal to provide low carbon heating to London homes

Healthy homes for all: the untapped power of energy efficiency programs

Here’s how you can track your carbon footprint and help keep emissions low

One billion people will live in insufferable heat within 50 years – study

Economy bigwigs rank airline bailouts last on virus recovery wishlist

Financiers join EU ‘green recovery alliance’

We must invest today in the buildings of tomorrow

Australia to pour $190 mln into hydrogen projects

Europe's largest gas plant - legal fight continues

Is air pollution making the coronavirus pandemic even more deadly?

Swiss environmentalists demand 'green recovery' after coronavirus

Air pollution deaths fall during lockdown

Green recovery can revive virus-hit economies and tackle climate change - study

Measures taken in response to court ruling have yet to face much dissent, partly owing to coronavirus.

Rich nations must make pandemic recovery plans green - global investors

EU climate neutrality goal not negotiable amid pandemic - lawmakers

Power grid operators launch blockchain for home and car batteries

No silver lining to coronavirus, but a golden opportunity

April 2020

Air France coronavirus bailout package to demand steep emissions cuts

‘Postcard from the future’: Virus and solar cause record fall in CO2

Renewables most resilient to Covid-19 lockdown measures, says IEA

The city that never sleeps is waking up later

IMF chief: $1 trillion post-coronavirus stimulus must tackle climate crisis

IMF chief: $1 trillion post-coronavirus stimulus must tackle climate crisis

Airline bailouts set to double to €26bn as countries fail to impose binding green conditions

Green Deal will be ‘our motor for the recovery’, von der Leyen says

Merkel reaffirms support for raising EU’s 2030 climate target to 50-55%

UN development chief calls for green shift away from ‘irrational’ oil dependence

New Trump nuclear plan favors uranium mining bordering the Grand Canyon

No more loopholes: HSBC closes door on new coal projects

Only 35% of European banks’ strategies are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement

France calls for minimum carbon price to counter oil crash

Carbon dioxide pollution dulls the brain

Dutch spell out green ideas for EU recovery fund

Petersberg Climate Dialogue: German ambitions remain blurry

Meteorologists say 2020 on course to be hottest year since records began

Climate crisis will make insurance unaffordable for people who need it most

It’s a galloping goodbye to Europe’s coal

EU's COVID recovery spending should be guided by green finance plan - experts

Put clean energy at heart of stimulus plans – IEA's Birol

JBIC becomes third Japanese bank in a month to signal move away from coal

Earth Day message to leaders: After coronavirus, rebuild wisely

Ayala’s energy arm to divest from coal: Will other Filipino power companies follow suit?

A green bailout must put Europe’s energy poor first

The IMF and World Bank gathered virtually in the midst of Covid-19. What next? Invest in people and nature for recovery and resilience

Energy Impact Partners: A primer on the next three decades of the energy transition - Part 5

Could Microsoft’s climate crisis ‘moonshot’ plan really work?

Proposed Queensland coal-fired power plant under cloud over emissions and financing

Flooding will affect double the number of people worldwide by 2030

UK plutonium stockpile is a costly headache

Drop in emissions due to pandemic won't fix climate, WMO says

Joe Biden wins climate change campaigner Al Gore's endorsement on Earth Day

Timmermans promises green recovery to EU lawmakers

New Zealand sticks to 2030 climate target while waiting for 1.5C advice

Industry calls for 10% ‘renewable gas’ target in Europe

Time to tackle two crises at once, activist Thunberg says on Earth Day

Coronavirus: airlines seek €12.8bn in bailouts without environmental conditions attached

Sweden adds name to growing list of coal-free states in Europe

Despite controversy, the Energy Charter Treaty is silently being pushed into Africa

As Earth Day turns 50 amid lockdowns, environmental action goes digital

The Guardian joins forces with hundreds of newsrooms to promote climate solutions

Climate crisis will deepen the pandemic. A green stimulus plan can tackle both

UK gas plans a carbon-free future with hydrogen

Coronavirus crisis threatens to cut off clean electricity lifeline for poor

As investment giant BlackRock pulls back from coal, activists urge the same for biomass energy

Four more EU nations back a green post-coronavirus recovery

Renewables agency charts path to zero-carbon energy system by 2050

Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths – study

Von der Leyen: ‘We now need to build a resilient, green, and digital Europe’

Norway and the A-ha moment that made electric cars the answer

Investors hail Shell’s net-zero emissions pledge

German auto industry calls for incentives to boost green car demand

Austrian Airlines bailout to be linked to climate targets

New action plan for renovation and economic recovery by BPIE

Now not the time to roll back emissions rules, say big companies, cities and NGOs