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March 2020

Report and online survey on the Efficiency 1st principle for demand-side alternatives

Tackle climate crisis and poverty with zeal of Covid-19 fight, scientists urge

Barclays sets net zero carbon target for 2050 after investor pressure

COVID-19 is slamming efficiency workforce now, and may bring long-term changes for efficiency

Coal exit will benefit health, wealth and nature

Japan sticks to 2030 climate goals, accused of a ‘disappointing’ lack of ambition

Coronavirus: The immediate effect on climate change

EU leaders agree to consider climate in coronavirus recovery plan

Stakeholders call for ‘reality check’ on EU road transport and energy policy

Coronavirus already hindering climate science, but the worst disruptions are likely yet to come

Poland says virus fallout makes it ‘even more difficult’ to hit EU climate goal

EU car lobby’s renewed attack on cars CO2 targets - on the back of COVID-19

EU sticks to carbon reporting deadlines, rejects industry calls for coronavirus delay

California sets goal to double clean energy by 2030

There isn’t one renovation wave

Greta Thunberg says coronavirus shows world can 'act fast' on crises

EXPLAINER: How the ECB can print ‘green money’

How a green recovery can help modernise Europe

Coronavirus slows US push to produce electric vehicle minerals

At a critical moment, the coronavirus threatens to bring offshore wind to a halt

U.S. court orders full environmental review of Dakota Access pipeline

Beyond the corona darkness: Bringing light, air and sustainability into people’s homes

Russia’s plans to tighten 2030 climate goal criticised as ‘baby steps’

Coronavirus redraws battle lines on airline emissions

‘Worst crisis ever’: Carmakers line up for recovery cash amid calls to go green

Air pollution plummets by up to 50% as virus curbs traffic, new data reveals

ANALYSIS-As Europe fights coronavirus and climate, is 'green stimulus' the way?

Use coronavirus rescue packages to fight climate change - UK adviser

Analysis: Will China build hundreds of new coal plants in the 2020s?

EU carbon market ‘the first victim’ as electricity demand collapses

Efficient energy cuts UK electricity’s carbon output

Energy efficiency employs at least 2.4 million Americans. Many of those jobs are now at risk

US keeps wary eye on EU carbon border tax plans