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October 2020

EU bank urged to put brakes on Germany’s motorway millions

Poland to seek EU approval for state aid to build nuclear plant

World Bank branch indirectly backs coal megaproject despite green pledge

Alarm as Arctic sea ice not yet freezing at latest date on record

Electric cars 'as cheap to manufacture' as regular models by 2024

Ahead of U.S. election, Europe eyes an ally in climate change fight

Aggressive push to 100% renewable energy could save Americans billions – study

Japan to pledge to cut emissions to zero by 2050 - Nikkei

Rooftop solar and Covid shutdown lead to record lows in Australian electricity use

Will the Renovation Wave benefit the energy poor?

Peru and Switzerland sign ‘world first’ carbon offset deal under Paris Agreement

Poland’s largest utility announces pivot from coal to renewables

Climate finance driving poor countries deeper into debt, says Oxfam

Big oil's answer to melting Arctic: cooling the ground so it can keep drilling

Let scientists guide us in the fight against climate change

China hits out at US climate record, in pointed message ahead of election

New Zealanders vote for climate ambition of Jacinda Ardern and Greens

Make climate risk reports mandatory for 480 FTSE firms, say investors

Researchers unveil roadmap for a carbon neutral China by 2060

High stakes for Earth’s climate future in US vote

Bank of England says company disclosures on climate risks will be mandatory

IEA: World makes haste too slowly on cutting energy use

EU funds drive rethink in East Europe on climate, says Timmermans

Bulgaria calls for EU help to phase out coal

EU leaders to decide tougher climate goal in December

Amy Coney Barrett refuses to tell Kamala Harris if she thinks climate change is happening

'Solastalgia': Arctic inhabitants overwhelmed by new form of climate grief

Offshore wind takes off in China

EU launches ‘renovation wave’ for greener, more stylish buildings

Czechs drop opposition to 2030 climate goal ahead of EU summit

Ballooning debt cripples poor countries’ hopes of green recovery from Covid

Global CO2 emissions show biggest ever drop in first half of 2020

Fossil fuels are rapidly losing favour with investors

Tenth of pandemic stimulus spend could help world reach climate goals – study

Queensland transition to renewables would generate almost 10,000 jobs, analysis shows

World Bank and IMF must spearhead a green and inclusive recovery

Microsoft in deal with Equinor for Norway CO2 storage project

Brazilian spies intimidated government’s own delegates at climate talks

EU Commission paves way for regulating methane emissions in 2021

Electric trucks, green hydrogen ‘ripe for investment’ by EU recovery fund

IEA outlines how world can reach net zero emissions by 2050

Polish children exposed to four times more pollution than French, study finds

'Uninhabitable hell': Climate change and disease threaten millions, UN warns

Celebrities lead global call to act on climate crisis

A Biden victory could spur global climate action, but the US has much to prove

Climate change poses 'profound threat' to global growth -IMF chief

UN chief urges development banks to stop financing fossil fuel projects

Climate activist Greta Thunberg shows support for Biden in rare political tweet

Building for a new Europe

Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024, major new report says

Government unveils new plans claiming to make UK world leader in green energy

Leaked EU-Mercosur trade deal lacks teeth on climate, activists say

Hydrogen transport costs will vary on a case-by-case basis, industry says

HSBC targets net zero emissions by 2050, earmarks $1 trln green financing

Economy, pandemic overshadow climate for young U.S. voters

UK Supreme Court hears climate case on Heathrow airport expansion

COVID, climate and conflict conspire to push up poverty

UK 'will take 700 years' to reach low-carbon heating under current plans

Denmark proposes pathway for ‘sustainable’ biomass

Unique gathering of organisations around Europe call for more ambitious climate targets – businesses point out barriers to be removed

September was the world's hottest on record, EU climate change service says

Spain approves hydrogen strategy to spur low-carbon economy

Not personal enough: Why climate change is not yet a top priority

Carbon capture 'moonshot' moves closer, as billions of dollars pour in

Nitrogen emissions from rising fertiliser use threaten climate goals

Major fossil fuel firms set to miss 2°C climate target, research shows

EU Parliament votes in favour of cutting emissions 60% by 2030

EU energy ministers back 2030 climate goal update, leave deal for later

France’s ‘imported emissions’ are 70% higher than domestic CO2 output, report finds

Efficiency First must tackle implementation issues to be effective

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change

To reach net zero emissions mid-century, start today

Energy performance in buildings is key to meeting 2030 emissions target

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study

EU climate target of -55% would mean near-exit from coal in 2030 – experts

As cities bake on a warming planet, insurers cook up heatwave cover

California fires set bleak record as 4m acres destroyed

Climate activists start protest week for protection of forests in Germany

'A blessing in disguise': COVID-19 gives boost to Portugal's bicycle makers

'Tech unicorn' Octopus Energy to create 1,000 new UK jobs

U.S. farm landscapes could be reshaped by changing climate - research

Europe faces up to China’s supremacy on raw materials

EU’s carbon border tax proposal still has many grey areas

Behavioural experiments for energy efficiency habits in new Horizon 2020 project

Global heating warming up 'nights faster than days'

Cambridge university's endowment fund targets net zero emissions by 2038

NGOs attack plans to include carbon offsets into EU climate goals

Energy security and economic fears drive China's return to coal

Poland’s coal remains king, but renewables gain

Fate of UN-led carbon market to be decided behind closed doors

Saudi-led G20 energy statement backs fossil fuel bailouts

Running out of excuses: Where does Southeast Asia's energy transition stand in 2020?

September 2020

Despite socialist scepticism, Cuba shows interest in carbon trading

'Energy cafes' help Londoners cut bills and care for the climate

US: Zero-energy buildings are focus of growing number of energy efficiency programs

Wildfire smoke slashes solar energy production in California

Shell to cut up to 9,000 jobs as Covid-19 accelerates green drive

Internal combustion engine ‘not going away’, automakers say

Call to young energy researchers: Deadline 12 October

Growing momentum behind carbon capture can make it a new clean energy success story

World leaders pledge to halt Earth’s destruction ahead of UN summit

EU’s offshore renewable energy strategy taking shape

'Planet is dying', India's 8-year-old climate crusader warns

Can Asean balance growth and sustainability in post-Covid infrastructure development?

Supply chains generate massive carbon emissions

Installation of smart meter leaves elderly woman facing £4,000 bill

China's carbon pledge will require complete inversion of existing system

Poland agrees to shut coal mines by 2049

Frustrated Australian climate activist juggles school and a lawsuit

UN, Britain plan online climate summit in December

Dirty secret: Half of world lacks clean cooking, at a huge cost

World solar technology summit: A blueprint for the energy intensive sector?

Kenya's WTO candidate says she will focus on climate change if selected

Ocean heat waves are directly linked to climate change

Indian businessman rhymes the case for a universal carbon tax

Teenage British activist stages climate protest on Arctic ice floe

What is carbon capture, usage and storage – and can it trap emissions?

UK, UN bill Paris Agreement anniversary as key moment for raising climate ambition

Swiss appeals court reverses acquittal of Credit Suisse climate protesters

House-Passed Energy Bill Includes Significant Measures to Improve Efficiency

Intelligent electricity through EU structural funds

'Tiny wind turbine' can collect energy from a walker's swinging arm

UK nuclear industry seeks subsidies for survival

China pledge and Biden win could move climate goals into view, scientists say

5 burning questions about China’s carbon neutrality pledge

EU considers allowing more state aid to boost green projects

The world is designed for men – but smart energy systems don’t have to be

EU Commission defends 2030 climate target against ‘accounting trick’ critique

Morrison's rejection of 2050 net zero emissions target is at odds with Paris agreement, experts say

VW races to meet EU target with new pooling deal

World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam

Are plug-in hybrid cars worse for environment than factory tests suggest? It depends how you drive them

Resilience: The missing link in the new Circular Economy Action Plan

Europe warns of Brazilian trade boycott over fires

Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich top index of world's smartest cities

Airbus reveals ‘zero-emission’ plane plan

Norway to spend $1.8 bln on world's first full-scale CCS chain

Calculating the true climate impact of aviation emissions

Europe’s new climate plan heralds energy ‘transformation’

Demand climate regulation, Harvard economist urges big businesses

World's top companies urge action on nature loss ahead of U.N. talk

Spinning clock in New York counts down time until climate devastation

Seas and forests are muddying the carbon budget

55% EU climate target enabled by stronger energy savings, but more is possible

Toyota reveals plan to turn trucks into emissions-free 'power plants'

Abnormal heat spreads floods and wildfires globally

Which countries have a net zero carbon goal?

BlackRock votes against 49 companies for lack of climate crisis progress

South Africa aims to reach net zero emissions in 2050 – while still burning coal

Global energy, industry and financial leaders outline urgent priorities for a net-zero economy

European Parliament votes for new taxes in EU to repay recovery borrowing

New EU climate target proposal concern for German industry and NGOs

Greenpeace targets Spain with climate change lawsuit

How the EU could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on climate

Von der Leyen outlines path towards ‘new vitality’ in post-corona world

Energy companies keep right to sue states in private courts, as treaty reforms blocked

An EU 2030 climate target of at least 55% is not only necessary – it is also possible

Climate crisis takes heavy toll on mental health, psychotherapists' association says

LEAK: EU’s 2030 climate plan makes case for 55% emissions cut

Governments urged to invest more in green cities to beat coronavirus slump

EU commission accused of 'cheating' on net-zero emissions accounting

Shippers balk at EU carbon market plan

Vietnam brings cement sector into new climate submission to the UN

European climate law: How to reach climate neutrality?

Google announces its lifetime net carbon footprint is now zero

EU to withdraw free CO2 pollution credits to clear way for carbon border tax

Swedish 2021 budget to include $1.1 bln in climate measures

Biden puts climate change at center of presidential campaign, calling Trump a ‘climate arsonist’

Fossil fuel demand to take historic knock amid COVID-19 scars -BP

Investors that manage US$47tn demand world’s biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions

Power sector transformation will get world one third of way to net zero - IEA

UK citizens' assembly wants 'fair' path to 2050 net-zero emissions goal

Kenyan county tackles water woes with locally led climate fund

Impact of Covid slowdown on CO2 in the atmosphere 'not even a blip', Australian scientist says

Wild weather this year shows growing impact of climate change, scientists say

Report: Low-Income Households, Communities of Color Face High “Energy Burden” Entering Recession

Poland to accelerate coal phase-out, spend billions on renewable and nuclear energy

Pandemic’s impacts are damaging climate research

EU environment lawmakers edge towards a 60% emissions cut by 2030, ahead of vote

‘EU carbon market not the right policy for cars, says Timmermans

Why a deal on energy could break the Brexit logjam

Uber to electrify half its rides in Europe after T&E public appeal

Cool your home, save money, chill the atmosphere

‘Obsolete’ Energy Charter Treaty must be reformed or ditched, lawmakers say

'Renewable revolution': Queensland to put $500m into clean energy fund

In EU, 1 in 8 deaths linked to pollution: report

Ingka Group invests 600m euros to accelerate IKEA’s sustainability goals

France plans hydrogen alliance with Germany

African ministers call for investment in Great Green Wall to aid Covid-19 recovery

Campaigners start legal challenge to UK's $1bn grant to Mozambique gas project

Luxembourg raises 1.5 bln euros in Europe's first 'sustainability' government bond

Major economies talk green recovery, hydrogen at Japanese summit

Efforts to fix air pollution gasp for funding, as pandemic pressure builds

Draft U.N. proposals on ship fuel ban in Arctic seen as lax - study 3/9

Freedom to roam – first your phone, now your car?

Extinction Rebellion: rights experts say peaceful protest in UK under threat

EU countries consider a climate target for every decade

Spaniards buy old, polluting cars amid recession and COVID fears

Mexican court to hear youths' climate change case against government

Global aviation accounts for 3.5 percent of human climate impact - aeronautics researchers