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February 2024

Germany’s last major solar module producer to close in March

UK SUV sales have increased by more than a fifth in one year

Transforming our buildings: Europe’s path to sustainability

Germany's largest heating installer terminates sale of gas boilers, focuses on heat pumps

Dirty construction habits block path to truly climate-friendly buildings

EU Commission eyes ‘Juncker plan on steroids’ to boost green investments

Growth in CO2 emissions leaves China likely to miss climate targets

US: To electrify industry at scale, flexible demand is essential

Extra €406bn needed annually to hit EU’s 2030 climate target: report

Some vehicles on Australian roads use 20% more fuel than claimed – which models are the worst?

EU deal on improved air quality fails to align with WHO standards

Could hyperscale data centres be the key to achieving round-the-clock clean power in Asia?

UK ministers in court again over net zero plans

EU reaches deal on world’s first carbon removal certification scheme

Big oil profits top €260bn since start of Ukraine war: report

In Antwerp, European industry kicks off fight for its future

Countries draw battle lines for talks on new climate finance goal

Asia's sustainable aviation fuel projects and agreements

‘Energy turmoil’ looms unless demand is checked, says Cop28 president

Carmakers are failing to deliver affordable electric cars, holding back EV adoption – analysis

Toyota Industries faces crackdown for engine emissions cheating - Nikkei

EU approves German subsidy scheme for slashing industry emissions

Potential of decentralised “prosumers” greatly underused in German power system – industry

The link between global GDP growth and CO2 emissions is weakening rapidly. Will emissions peak well before 2030?

Beggars can’t be choosers – Europe needs to smarten up its energy security

Ten of Australia’s top companies lack clear plans to stop using or supporting fossil fuels, report says

Clock ticking as EU tries to unblock energy taxation directive

Power struggle: fears for UK energy generation as green projects delayed

Solar PV industry caught up in China forced-labour controversy

Australia's push to put more solar panels on rental homes

Czech steel industry unprepared for EU decarbonisation

Germany deletes EU CO2 allowances freed up by coal exit

“Urgent action” needed to speed up energy-efficient building renovation – industry association

Will rich nations step away from fossil fuels, as they promised?

Activists storm Canada finance minister's office demanding climate laws for banks

‘It’s almost carbon-negative’: how hemp became a surprise building material

EU Parliament set to vote on truck CO2 emissions after green light from committee

EU Commission urges France to raise renewables target to ‘at least 44%’

Europe’s ‘armed wing’ of the energy transition pivots to Asia

US Department of Energy partners with states and research institutes to boost offshore wind development

Nearly 15% of Americans don’t believe climate change is real, study finds

Three COP summit hosts unite to raise climate ambitions

Will hydrogen overtake batteries in the race for zero-emission cars?

Will New York state divest from big oil?

EU’s waffling on climate goals is allowing far-right to piggyback to power

EU’s waffling on climate goals is allowing far-right to piggyback to power

Planned UK nuclear reactors unlikely to help hit green target, say MPs

Hydrogen hype: Why the EU should be cautious about uncertain imports from far-flung places

German ministries plan curbs on biomass in draft national strategy

Rural Australia believes in self-sufficiency, so let’s set the terms of the renewable energy boom

US: Heat pump programs can’t keep leaving low-income households behind

EU Parliament groups clash on 2040 climate goal, in post-election preview

IEA head urges German government to introduce climate bonus payments for citizens

Asians more prepared to spend on climate protection than Europeans — survey

Blockade lifted: Germany gives way on EU’s 2040 truck CO2 rules

The world is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels – except for in three key sectors

Railway investment cuts put Germany's mobility transition at risk, alliance warns

Germany to vote in favour of EU plans to cut truck emissions -govt sources

Barclays to adopt fresh curbs on oil and gas financing

Luxembourg ranked as Europe's 2023 energy efficiency champion: eceee and ODYSSEE-MURE European Energy Efficiency Scoreboard

FACTBOX: Understanding the eceee & ODYSSEE-MURE ranking

Poland sceptical about EU’s 90% emissions reduction target, cites economic concerns

Why are Europe's Low Emission Zones fuelling unrest?

Religious investors urge Exxon to drop lawsuit against activist shareholders

Australia’s climate has warmed by 1.5C since 1910, BoM temperature records show

US electric vehicles sales are poised to rise a lot in 2024, despite what you may have heard

The US and Saudi Arabia are taking COP28 pledges seriously

Next EU legislative term must reconcile climate and industry, says French think tank

German government threatens to block EU truck CO2 law

This is the year of the climate election. Journalists should cover it that way

Belgium postpones EU vote on truck emissions as Germany imperils majority

Q&A: European Commission calls for 90% cut in EU emissions by 2040

Joe Biden just did the rarest thing in US politics: he stood up to the oil industry

Australians keep buying huge cars in huge numbers. If we want to cut emissions, this can’t go on

EU sets historic target to reduce emissions by 2040 but transport sector puts target at risk

As Pakistan votes, farmers want climate change action - not words

EU aims to agree key path towards green industry ambitions

EU agrees its first ever rules for ESG raters in sector shake-up

EU to unveil 2040 climate targets in political tightrope act

EU Commission cautions against trade measures to support solar industry

Berlin agrees diminished plan for hydrogen back-up power plants

Code Council violating its own rules, putting building decarbonization measures at risk

EU's 90% emissions reduction target by 2040 must be flanked by supporting measures – energy industry

Will other cities copy Paris decision to hike parking charges for SUVs?

‘A deeply troubling discovery’: Earth may have already passed the crucial 1.5°C warming limit

Biden's gas export 'pause' raises hope, concern in US coastal towns

Australia: Fuel efficiency standards – Labor unveils proposal, highlighting petrol savings of $1,000 a year for motorists

Policy experts say the UN climate talks need reform, but change would be difficult in the current political landscape

Analysis: How green are Pakistan’s political manifestoes?

EU agrees new law granting consumers a ‘right to repair’ products

Weatherwatch: study makes green case for electric planes

Q&A: The EU industrial carbon management strategy

The case for separate targets in the EU’s 2040 climate strategy

Hanoi flights halted as city faces worsening air pollution

A boutique hotel helps explain the benefits of businesses and government teaming up to conserve energy

German carbon capture row heightened by EU’s draft 2040 climate plan

Greta Thunberg says remember 'the real enemy' as oil protest trial starts

The election year of 2024 is the climate’s window of opportunity

German energy sector calls for improvements to draft law to protect critical infrastructure

What Europe needs to learn from the German debt brake fiasco

Australia should develop solar PV sector to avoid dependence on China, report finds

January 2024

Car emissions 14% higher than advertised by manufacturers, study finds

New climate demands will spread far beyond Europe’s borders

German steelmaker states signal support for US-EU industry alliance

UK must act urgently to meet climate commitments, says watchdog

Executive Director addresses African and global leaders on energy and development at Rome Summit

Italy launches ‘ambiguous’ Africa plan fuelling fears over fossil fuels role

West of England coalmines to be mapped for renewable energy potential

Electrified transport Investment soared globally in ’23, passing renewable energy

Green hydrogen is the only viable route for aviation and shipping

COP28 outcome makes green skills business-critical

Activist investors fret over Exxon Mobil's lawsuit bypassing US regulator

Green energy justice cooperative selected to develop solar projects for low income, BIPOC communities in Illinois

EU needs trillions of investment for 2050 climate target - research

EU Commission wants captured CO2 to become ‘tradeable commodity’

Renewables roll-out in France too slow to meet EU targets – report

German energy industry proposes “resilience bonus” for European-produced solar PV arrays

AI is supposed to make us more efficient – but it could mean we waste more energy

Industrial pollution costs 2% of Europe’s GDP: EEA

LEAK: Brussels eyes 90% climate goal for 2040, 11 EU countries call for ambition

Biden pauses approval of new LNG export projects in win for climate activists

Germany heading for record employment in renewables industry

Analysis: Clean energy was top driver of China’s economic growth in 2023

‘How to greenwash’: propane industry tries to rebrand fuel as renewable

EU electricity prices: Will 2024 mark the end of national tariff shields?

Polish farmers rally against Green Deal, Ukrainian food imports

Too hot to party? Extreme temperatures threaten live music shows

Railroad transport of Germany’s hydrogen imports a key component of cost-efficient industry – report

Cop29 host Azerbaijan launches green energy unit to sceptical response

Next EU Commission must focus on greening industry, clean tech competitiveness – think tank

EU targets for greener flights at risk amid lack of investment

EU fossil fuel CO2 emissions hit 60-year low

What are the environmental costs of AI?

E-fuels for planes: with 45 projects, is the EU on track to meet its targets?

Germany to miss 2024 heat pump target by half

French cabinet reshuffle: Who will embody France’s energy policy in Brussels?

€400bn needed for offshore grids by 2050, network operators say

Most euro zone banks face risk from climate complacency, ECB finds

Why formal accession negotiations with Ukraine should start with energy and climate

Cars are getting 1 cm wider every two years – research

Germany: Heat pump sales reach record in 2023, but controversial law causes uncertainty

Sweden's H2 Green Steel raises $5.2 bln in new funding

US: Digital freight networks can reduce truck emissions

EU Parliament calls for European strategy on geothermal energy

Rishi Sunak facing renewed pressure over plans to ‘max out’ North Sea oil

Can the super-rich tell us how to save the planet? Gen Z certainly think so

France backtracks on renewables targets, amends draft ‘energy sovereignty’ bill

Energy efficiency: the net-zero no-brainer that has come of age

The all-male Cop29 committee is a big step backwards for climate

Cop28 deal will fail unless rich countries quit fossil fuels, says climate negotiator

Bangladesh solar power surge set to unlock thousands of green jobs

What to make of Europe’s upcoming carbon management strategy

German energy regulator plans to cut red tape to aid energy transition

A geopolitical EU should offer green innovation partnerships

Junk offset sellers push to enter new UN carbon market

Business journalism still routinely neglects climate issues – report

What if the clean energy transition costs much less than we’ve been told?

Deal reached to boost number of zero-emission trucks and buses on EU roads

Climate crisis ignored by Republicans as Trump vows to ‘drill, baby, drill’

Germany’s last solar panel producer prepares to close shop

Europe quietly bids adieu to climate-wrecking F-gases

Ahead of EU vote, French and Danish citizens see climate as most transformative crisis of last decade – survey

How fossil fuels went from sidelines to headlines in climate talks

US: Affordable housing needs more support to comply with Building Performance Standards

‘Very worrying’: Trade unions alarmed by EU’s industrial collapse

EU economy still grappling with long tail of 2022 energy shock

Market economics to cut Bulgaria's coal use before 2038 deadline - minister

Shell faces shareholder rebellion over climate activist resolution

EU countries hold first exchange on 2040 climate target

Franco-British partnership to develop fourth-generation nuclear technology

As big 2024 elections loom, what's at stake for climate action?

Poland plans to set end date for coal power

Germany plans to use railway power lines to relieve strained electricity grid

Energy from data centres could heat UK swimming pools after green investment

Azerbaijan appoints no women to 28-member Cop29 climate committee

The Ukraine war is no excuse for endless fossil fuel expansion

France’s ‘last mile’ strategy for renewables under fire from all sides

Australia’s renewable energy goals can’t come at the cost of biodiversity – we need a strategic approach

Electricity pricing is Europe’s hidden industrial policy

‘Gold’ hydrogen: natural deposits are turning up all over the world – but how useful is it in our move away from fossil fuels?

This election year, let’s talk climate

WEF says world faces 'gloomy outlook' as AI, climate threats rise

Renewable energy growth must accelerate to reach 2030 goal - IEA

Installation of rooftop solar panels in UK hits 12-year high in 2023

‘Astounding’ ocean temperatures in 2023 intensified extreme weather, data shows

2024-2029: Five years to deliver the Green Deal’s mobility promises

Reflectors in space could make solar farms on Earth work for longer every day

UK government sets out plans for ‘biggest nuclear power expansion in 70 years’

Dutch state sued by Caribbean island residents over climate policies

US: Charging ahead: How EVs could drive down electricity rates

German industry joins forces with green groups on CO2 capture

France, Czechia defy EU sceptics on nuclear power

Battery production: Germany first EU country to match US subsidies

2024 lookahead: Climate target for 2040 will be EU Commission’s ‘legacy’, activists say

EU economy still grappling with long tail of 2022 energy shock