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April 2024

Final agreement on the Buildings Directive. Time to deliver on the ground

Climate verdict for Swiss women a warning for European states, oil industry

China responsible for 95% of new coal power construction in 2023, report says

Australia could reach an ‘ambitious’ emissions cut of up to 75% by 2035, advisers tell Labor

Europe embraces speedier, riskier way of building power grids

Biden races to commit billions to climate action as election looms

Climate target organisation faces staff revolt over carbon-offsetting plan

SBTi needs tighter rules on companies’ indirect emissions

Shift to hydrogen networks: EU Parliament adopts laws for new gas era

EU ‘declaring war’ on energy sector methane emissions

EU Parliament approves deal on world’s first carbon removal certification scheme

UK heat pump adopters open up homes to encourage others to ditch gas boilers

Energy industry calls for quick adoption of EU renewables rules in Germany to keep track

UK startup lifts lid on plan to turn human waste into jet fuel

EU Parliament adopts 90% phase-out of new diesel trucks by 2040

UN climate chief calls for “quantum leap in climate finance”

European populists exploit climate view divide between city and countryside – researcher

European Parliament committees vote to withdraw EU from the Energy Charter Treaty

Human rights violated by inaction on climate, ECHR rules in landmark case

Top Europe court to issue landmark climate verdicts

Don't forget women in new UN climate fund, policymakers urged

Who is winning the Clean Energy race between China, Europe, and the US?

England could produce 13 times more renewable energy, using less than 3% of land – analysis

Big companies' emissions goals are too weak, report says

Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists

Think tank estimates French climate adaptation to cost €5-20 billion per annum

US meat lobby delighted at ‘positive’ prospects for industry after Cop28

The Guardian view on Europe’s troubled green deal: make the case, not concessions

Carbon pricing crucial to deliver on greening transport, Volvo boss says

Forest carbon accounting allows Guyana to stay net zero while pumping oil

Germany surpasses 400,000 plug-in solar PV “balcony power plants”

Africa is on the verge of a building boom. Will it be green?

The cost of Europe’s new nuclear power plants

As Biden pushes for clean factories, a new ‘how-to’ guide offers a path forward

Renewables growth still lags climate targets, think tank says

European survey finds strong support for energy transition, plus pessimism and frustration with political leadership

Just 57 companies linked to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions since 2016

Europe’s industry and power sector emissions plunge 15% in 2023

Should big oil be tried for homicide?

Rooftop PV takes off in EU – NGO report

Rooftop PV takes off in EU – NGO report

A big week for climate policy in Australia: what happened and what to make of it

EU transport ministers discuss ‘problem child’ of green transition

Zambia’s fossil-fuel subsidy cuts help climate and kids – but taxi drivers suffer

Green mortgages set to take off as US makes homes fit for future

Certifying the circular economy, verification required after new deal

Sweden's SSAB to invest $4.8 bln in fossil-free steel mill

Coal phase-out: Germany shuts down 15 coal-fired power plants

Critical crossroads for Europe's climate and resource strategy, coalition calls for sufficiency and resilience

Reused and recycled buildings challenge wasteful construction status quo

Salt, air and bricks: could this be the future of energy storage?

Large electrical heat pumps can be key to decarbonising Europe’s industry

Getting homeowners to invest in comprehensive retrofits is hard: Here’s how to do it

March 2024

ExxonMobil accused of ‘greenwashing’ over carbon capture plan it failed to invest in

Election of Donald Trump ‘could put world’s climate goals at risk’

International court issues first-ever decision enforcing the right to a healthy environment

France must not cave to Brussels on renewables, says ex-energy minister Pannier-Runacher

Flixtrain, Trainline, T&E call for reduced rail tolls to help make train travel more accessible

Surge of new US-led oil and gas activity threatens to wreck Paris climate goals

Romania’s pretext for not taking steps to reduce energy consumption slammed

EU Commission to sign partnership with Australia on critical raw materials

How Europe can use tariffs as part of an industrial strategy

Q&A - Germany’s nuclear exit: One year after

For mineral-rich Philippines, green metals rush is a balancing act

Climate-focused investment firm World Fund raises 300 mln euros

Sweden not on track to meet climate targets, warns expert agency

Commission presents parliament with Energy Charter Treaty exit plan

Britain seeks views on 2027 carbon border tax

Europe needs to step up circular economy efforts: EU agency

Fossil fuel firms could be tried in US for homicide over climate-related deaths, experts say

Factcheck: 18 misleading myths about heat pumps

Greenpeace disrupts international nuclear summit in Brussels

Here’s why there is no nuclear option for Australia to reach net zero

Getting smarter? Europe struggling with smart energy efficiency interconnectivity

Lobby groups call for business-friendly turn of the EU Green Deal

Shipping sector pushes to keep emissions-tax cash for itself

Europe’s transport sector set to make up almost half of the continent’s emissions in 2030

Vehicle carbon pollution would be cut, but more slowly, under new Biden rule

Germany urges tighter global energy cooperation to bring climate targets within reach

How do we enable the green reconstruction of Ukrainian buildings? – BPIE report

Court ruling erodes climate activists’ ability to defend themselves – as the planet heats up

Tipping point for low-carbon buildings demand in sight, report says

How can biomass fulfil its potential in EU carbon markets?

Cement industry says Germany needs 4,800 km CO2 pipelines costing €14 bln to decarbonise

World’s largest solar manufacturer to cut one-third of workforce

UK heat pump rollout criticised as too slow by public spending watchdog

Reading the ruins of Amazon fires, scientists see crisis ahead

EU gives final green light to critical raw materials strategy

Fossil fuel sector should pay climate finance, EU ministers say

‘Greenhushing’ is on the rise as companies go silent on climate pledges

New fiscal rules need to support Europe’s industrial ambition

Barriers to next phase of electric vehicle transition revealed

EU Carbon Prices are too low. But they should (and must) rise again

Germany on track for national 2030 climate target despite missing EU goals

Romania delays adoption of energy and climate plan, casts doubt on renewable targets

Tesla EV gigafactory drives Germany’s latest climate justice struggle

European Parliament approves relaxed Euro 7 emissions requirements while stakeholders remain divided

COP29 host Azerbaijan plans to upgrade climate target

Shell abandons 2035 emissions target and weakens 2030 goal

UK scheme to spur take-up of heat pumps delayed after gas lobby pressure

Sales of solar batteries for German homes seen rising 26% in 2024

Europe’s coal legacy remains a major climate hurdle

Fossil fuel firms must plug methane leaks to meet climate targets, warns watchdog

European Parliament adopts Buildings Performance Directive

Failure to insulate UK homes costing thousands of lives a year, says report

Air pollution levels have improved in Europe over 20 years, say researchers

Clean solutions for all: T&E’s car decarbonisation roadmap

As Cop29 president, I will build bridges between the diverging north and south to keep 1.5C in reach

Despite Putin promises, Russia’s emissions keep rising

Germany launches green subsidies for industry

No big North Sea fossil fuel country has plan to stop drilling in time for 1.5C goal

Swedish police forcibly remove Greta Thunberg from parliament entrance

EPA’s final truck standards should push continued fuel savings

KPMG & Accenture, GSK failing to keep up with industry leaders in cutting corporate travel emissions

Newly elected leaders to be held to same climate obligations, says Cop29 chief

Europe must do more to adapt to climate change, says EU environment agency

‘We are a car country’: German conservatives commit to reverse combustion engine ban

The EU’s controversial green buildings law risks failing at the finish line

EU-wide carbon removal certification deal is important step towards climate targets - German ministry

The European Green Deal isn’t coping with a turbulent world. What must change?

Hosting Cop in 2026 could be the incentive Australia needs to turbocharge climate action

Legal complaint filed against Korean industry giants for greenwashing by double-counting emissions cuts

Analysis: UK emissions in 2023 fell to lowest level since 1879

Europe’s mild winter leaves gas stocks at record high

Study: universities worldwide are still producing far more graduates for fossil fuels than for clean energy

‘Insure Our Future': A global movement says the insurance industry could be the key to ending fossil fuels

How is Europe cracking down on climate protests?

Do the EU’s new ESG rules make ratings more reliable?

Germany's plans for a hydrogen network are oversized, critics say

AI likely to increase energy use and accelerate climate misinformation – report

EU underprepared as climate change risks mount, draft report says

Departing from coal: Poland’s new energy roadmap

In Florida, skyrocketing insurance rates test resolve of homeowners in risky areas

EU to finally exit ‘climate-wrecking’ energy treaty

China steps away from 2025 energy efficiency goal

UK spring budget 2024: Key climate and energy announcements

Italy's green transition efforts held back by lack of big solar projects

Will floating solar prove pivotal in archipelagic Philippines?

France’s Le Maire slams EU’s ‘no longer wanted’ renewable targets

Ignoring resilience benefits limits growth of energy efficiency programs

Pro-nuclear countries back total opening up of EU funding for nuclear

France strikes CO2 storage deal with Denmark

The Supreme Court’s social media case has big implications for climate disinformation, experts warn

‘We can’t close our borders’: Harsh solar industry protectionism off the table

Europe’s industrial decarbonisation at risk amid sharp drop in CO2 price

More electric cars on Germany's roads but growth 'too slow' – Greenpeace

Africa to be $2.5 trillion short of climate finance by 2030, UN says

Fury after Exxon chief says public to blame for climate failures

Two years on, how is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine driving energy security and decarbonisation?

Satellite to ‘name and shame’ worst oil and gas methane polluters

Will national teams become champions for sustainable travel during Euro 2024?

Mild winter pushes heating requirement in Germany to lowest level in 12 years

EU lawmaker alliance calls for ban on all Russian energy, including gas

People displaced by climate crisis to testify in first-of-its-kind hearing in US

High time for a fifth fundamental European freedom: energy

Reforming UK taxation for large, heavily-polluting cars

Cutting emissions is responsibility of G20 nations, UN's Guterres says

Global energy-related CO2 emissions hit record high in 2023 - IEA

Wind of change for Shetland oil hub, but who will benefit?

February 2024

US spends billions on roads rather than public transport in ‘climate time bomb’

This is what happens when an uncosted Coalition thought-bubble on nuclear power is presented as a concrete proposal

Why Europeans should be going to the United States for tips on climate leadership

German energy industry calls for standardisation of renewables' grid connections

‘The technologies are there’: How oil and gas companies must go beyond pledges to abate methane and cut emissions

Germany to adopt 2060 target for net-negative greenhouse gas emissions

EU softens gas consumption curbs in sign energy crisis easing

EU countries already hitting some of their sustainable energy targets for 2030

Gas consumption in France down 20% from 2021 levels

We are taking a devastating risk with the green energy sector – one that might cost us our future

Germany’s aim for 80 percent renewables in electricity by 2030 well within reach – minister

First drop in sales: Honeymoon is over for Europe’s heat pump industry

Southeast Europe’s largest nuclear project lacking EU companies

EU carbon border levy could hurt Asian developing countries, yet do little to cut emissions: ADB

UK’s net zero economy grew 9% in 2023, report finds

Germany to support CCS for industry, allow offshore carbon storage with upcoming strategy

Clean, cheap or fair – which countries should pump the last oil and gas?

Public transport workers join climate activists for week of strikes across Germany

Berlin launches ‘milestone’ strategies to capture and remove CO2 permanently

Brazil partners with largest climate finance alliance to boost green growth

Europe automakers will not challenge 2035 fossil-fuel car ban, industry group says

Batteries are still getting exponentially cheaper, more efficient: ready to displace half of global fossil fuel demand by 2045?

Why is Britain quitting the Energy Charter Treaty?

Germany’s last major solar module producer to close in March

UK SUV sales have increased by more than a fifth in one year

Transforming our buildings: Europe’s path to sustainability

Germany's largest heating installer terminates sale of gas boilers, focuses on heat pumps

Dirty construction habits block path to truly climate-friendly buildings

EU Commission eyes ‘Juncker plan on steroids’ to boost green investments

Growth in CO2 emissions leaves China likely to miss climate targets

US: To electrify industry at scale, flexible demand is essential

Analysis: Record drop in China’s CO2 emissions needed to meet 2025 target

Extra €406bn needed annually to hit EU’s 2030 climate target: report

Some vehicles on Australian roads use 20% more fuel than claimed – which models are the worst?

EU deal on improved air quality fails to align with WHO standards

Could hyperscale data centres be the key to achieving round-the-clock clean power in Asia?

The public wants clean energy – but this is Australia, where the climate wars never die

UK ministers in court again over net zero plans

EU reaches deal on world’s first carbon removal certification scheme

Big oil profits top €260bn since start of Ukraine war: report

In Antwerp, European industry kicks off fight for its future