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March 2020

How energy-efficient LED bulbs lit up India in just five years

Rollback of fuel efficiency standards will harm U.S. economy and public health for years

EU presses on with tighter 2030 climate target despite pandemic

Report and online survey on the Efficiency 1st principle for demand-side alternatives

Tackle climate crisis and poverty with zeal of Covid-19 fight, scientists urge

Barclays sets net zero carbon target for 2050 after investor pressure

COVID-19 is slamming efficiency workforce now, and may bring long-term changes for efficiency

Coal exit will benefit health, wealth and nature

Japan sticks to 2030 climate goals, accused of a ‘disappointing’ lack of ambition

States step up climate efforts by requiring utilities to increase energy efficiency

Coronavirus: The immediate effect on climate change

EU leaders agree to consider climate in coronavirus recovery plan

Stakeholders call for ‘reality check’ on EU road transport and energy policy

Coronavirus already hindering climate science, but the worst disruptions are likely yet to come

Poland says virus fallout makes it ‘even more difficult’ to hit EU climate goal

EU car lobby’s renewed attack on cars CO2 targets - on the back of COVID-19

EU sticks to carbon reporting deadlines, rejects industry calls for coronavirus delay

California sets goal to double clean energy by 2030

There isn’t one renovation wave

Greta Thunberg says coronavirus shows world can 'act fast' on crises

EXPLAINER: How the ECB can print ‘green money’

How a green recovery can help modernise Europe

Coronavirus slows US push to produce electric vehicle minerals

At a critical moment, the coronavirus threatens to bring offshore wind to a halt

U.S. court orders full environmental review of Dakota Access pipeline

Beyond the corona darkness: Bringing light, air and sustainability into people’s homes

Russia’s plans to tighten 2030 climate goal criticised as ‘baby steps’

Coronavirus redraws battle lines on airline emissions

‘Worst crisis ever’: Carmakers line up for recovery cash amid calls to go green

Air pollution plummets by up to 50% as virus curbs traffic, new data reveals

ANALYSIS-As Europe fights coronavirus and climate, is 'green stimulus' the way?

Use coronavirus rescue packages to fight climate change - UK adviser

Analysis: Will China build hundreds of new coal plants in the 2020s?

EU carbon market ‘the first victim’ as electricity demand collapses

Efficient energy cuts UK electricity’s carbon output

Penso Power expands Europe’s largest battery storage scheme

COVID-19 stimulus should address health, economy and climate together

Electric cars help limit climate change despite blackspots in India, Poland

Energy efficiency employs at least 2.4 million Americans. Many of those jobs are now at risk

Energy storage boom stalls in Europe

Governments urged to attach green strings to long-term coronavirus recovery plans

US keeps wary eye on EU carbon border tax plans

Indians breathe easier as lockdowns to halt coronavirus clear smog

ANALYSIS-Coronavirus sparks soul-searching over travel-heavy climate diplomacy

EU cost-benefit study seen backing 55% emissions cut by 2030

Has Covid-19 helped ease air pollution?

Ma Jun: ‘We’re at a crossroads for environmental protection’

Stakeholder webinar for the Climate Bank Roadmap 2021-2025

What coronavirus means for the EU car industry and what we can learn from the 2009 crisis

What comes after Horizon 2020? Commission opens online public consultation

Heavy-emitting firms ‘off-track’ from 2C climate target

As coronavirus drives climate protests off streets, activists go online

Extreme summer heat puts millions at risk

From food to tech, coronavirus to spur urban planning rethink

Enel says digital drive has given it hedge on coronavirus threat

Green Deal deserves a better Energy Taxation Directive in 2020, not years from now

Polar ice melt raises sea level dangers

Coronavirus slows developing nations’ plans to step up climate action in 2020

Green Deal facing delays due to coronavirus, EU admits

OPINION: Bringing climate justice thinking to the COVID-19 pandemic

German economy heading for deep slump and lower emissions due to coronavirus

Coronavirus: world’s response has slashed CO₂ emissions – here’s how to keep them down

Study: global banks 'failing miserably' on climate crisis by funneling trillions into fossil fuels

India finally takes climate crisis seriously

What does the EU circular economy plan mean for China?

Don't let coronavirus stall climate action, warns architect of Paris deal

EU should scrap emissions trading scheme, Polish official says

Big tech could do better at protecting the environment

Climate change will still be a threat after COVID-19 is gone

Covid-19: a dress rehearsal for the climate emergency?

Coronavirus may toughen airlines’ goals for curbing emissions in 2020s

Planning applications for UK clean energy projects hit new high

Czech PM urges EU to ditch Green Deal amid virus

Europe warned about virus impact on clean tech

Air pollution ‘likely’ to increase mortality from COVID19: experts

Amazon rainforest reaches point of no return

Amazon rainforest reaches point of no return

Swedish pension fund joins move to end fossil fuel investments

Why number crunching can make or break Europe’s climate ambition

Energy ‘sector coupling’ requires 75% more electricity, study says

China's Jan-Feb coal output drops 6.3% as coronavirus disrupts

Women shouldering the burden of climate crisis need action, not speeches

Six EU countries join call for 100% renewable energy scenario

Air pollution clears in northern Italy after coronavirus lockdown, satellite shows

Walk, cycle or drive? Coronavirus shakes up urban transport

GRIDSERVE announces construction of ultra-fast EV charging stations in UK

Coronavirus and climate change are two crises that need humanity to unite

How clean energy boosts climate resilience for island communities

Wind and solar plants will soon be cheaper than coal in all big markets around world, analysis finds

Coronavirus: IMO postpones key meeting on reducing shipping emissions

Coronavirus poses threat to climate action, says watchdog

Can EU’s new industrial strategy accelerate Germany’s green transition?

Online classes, video meetings: Can coronavirus spur low-carbon habits?

EU unveils circular economy plan 2.0, drawing mixed reactions

Electric vehicle push struggles to accelerate in Pakistan

London pioneers the city’s first ‘virtual power station’

Can the coronavirus give us hope in tackling climate change?

Ban short-haul flights for climate? In EU poll 62% say yes

Climate emergency: global action is ‘way off track’ says UN head

Coronavirus could cause fall in global CO2 emissions

U.N. cancels some meetings ahead of climate summit due to coronavirus

EU experts recommend two-tier approach to ‘green’ investment rules

Public guarantees are key to affordable industrial de-carbonisation transition, analysis reveals

Tropical forests may be heating Earth by 2035

EU’s industrial strategy must serve climate neutrality, not undermine it

Power structures over gender make women more vulnerable to climate change

Oil firm Shell to end its relationship with BFI and Southbank Centre

Oil demand set for first contraction since 2009 due to coronavirus - IEA

Dutch test hydrogen train as EU alliance set to launch

The elephant in the room: Can the solar industry go circular?

European Commission to present offshore wind strategy in October

Global CO2 emissions from power sector fell 2% last year - study

Eleven million jobs at risk from EU Green Deal, trade unions warn

'I'm profoundly sad, I feel guilty': scientists reveal personal fears about the climate crisis

“EU climate neutrality by 2050 fails to acknowledge the Energy First Principle”

Exxon lobbyists urged Commission to tune down car CO2 rules

The government must abandon its fossil fuel power projects. If not, we’ll sue

Australia’s carbon accounting plan for Paris goals criticised as ‘legally baseless’

British fund industry warns companies on climate risk

Research confirms climate link to Australian bushfires

Green transition will require ‘Herculean effort’, EU admits

World can avoid catastrophic global warming with climate solutions in hand today – study

Delay aviation tax because of coronavirus, says airline boss

Netherlands doubles 2020 green subsidies in rush to hit climate goals

Delay aviation tax because of coronavirus, says airline boss

UN aviation agency weighs restrictions on carbon credits under fire by climate activists

Cooler, greener, cheaper: Egyptian architects seek antidotes to rising heat

Air pollution main risk factor for mortality worldwide, says new study

The Brief, powered by EVA – Where is the ‘Klimakanzlerin’ when you need her?

EU’s Timmermans responds to Greta’s criticisms over European Climate Law

Legal gaps and US election could delay climate ambition before Glasgow summit

Dramatic fall in China pollution levels ‘partly related’ to coronavirus

UK carbon emissions hit lowest level since 1888

Is climate change urgent enough to justify a crime? A jury in Portland was asked to decide

Vital Cop26 climate talks could be derailed by coronavirus

The road to 2050 should be fossil gas pipelines free

Half the world’s sandy beaches may disappear by century’s end, climate study says

Challenging Bulgarian coal plants’ new waste burning obsession

Luxembourg becomes first country to make public transport free

EU’s just transition ambitions face acid test

Environment groups say EU's planned climate law means a lost decade

Climate change lengthens Australian summers by 50% - study

Canada's Trudeau to seek industry, indigenous input to define climate plan

February 2020

African countries need rich nations to take the lead on ambition at Cop26

Europe's infrastructure at "high risk" from climate change - U.N. study

Heathrow airport expansion is unlawful, says UK court

Schools for girls can help to answer climate crisis

Brussels’ anti-climate-dumping quest in the spotlight

Bulgaria wants €33 billion to start implementing the Green Deal

European climate law must not be an empty shell

ACEEE Issues Call to Action on Energy Efficiency

The death of Heathrow’s third runway sends a clear message ahead of Cop26

US state plans fossil fuel tax to fund schooling

EU planning carbon border measures ‘as soon as possible’

Huge crowds expected for Greta Thunberg visit to Bristol

INTERVIEW-Women key to solving climate crisis, says Ugandan school striker

Net zero goal ‘greatest commercial opportunity of our time,’ says Mark Carney

Switzerland promises UN improved climate plan

The Netherlands faces pressure as global ‘test case’ for deep emissions cuts in 2020

Rising tides will leave no choice for US millions

Q&A with Shell: ‘Most things we did were the right things at the right time’

Ex-Facebook exec starts group to help employees push companies on climate

Europe’s top firms must double low-carbon investment – study

Accountants urged to help firms worldwide combat climate crisis

Case against Tesla: Are German environmental groups abusing their rights to sue?

Dire prospects await corporate climate-wreckers in 2030—study

Gasp! Air pollution in Jakarta and Hanoi is now worse than in Beijing, global study reveals

Factcheck: What is the carbon footprint of streaming video on Netflix?

Ride-hailing increases emissions, contributes to climate pollution -study

Old batteries can be source of new energy

Climate change could pose 'catastrophic' security threat, experts warn

Greenpeace asks Norway's supreme court to rule on Arctic oil

EU hopefuls up climate game in Western Balkans

Senegal opens West Africa's first big wind farm in push for renewables

World faces ‘decisive decade’ to fix global warming, former UN climate chief says

eceee welcomes new board members

Climate finance: failing to serve the most vulnerable?

Construction equipment rental market ready to step up to the plate

World's financial firms risk $1 trln in losses if slow to act on climate change -report

Germany needs more LNG to complement renewables, IEA says

Climate activist Greta Thunberg donates prize money to new foundation

Biggest battery in Europe set to land on British shores

Poland’s just transition bonus cut 50% under latest EU budget proposal

North Macedonia wins EU praise for pioneering coal-to-solar shift

Climate-friendly stocks are moving markets away from short-termism, EU watchdog says

The European Green Deal will bypass the poor and go straight to the rich

Renewable energy could power the world by 2050

Global warming causing 'irreversible' mass melting in Antarctica - scientist

Analysis: Coronavirus has temporarily reduced China’s CO2 emissions by a quarter

The French MEP bashing football clubs over their flying habit

Oil and gas firms 'have had far worse climate impact than thought'