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October 2019

Exxon and oil sands go on trial in New York climate fraud case

Cocaine traffickers fuel climate change

Is climate change responsible for the conflicts we’re seeing around the world today?

Climate-change protesters disrupt London rush hour, angering commuters

Indonesia's new green fund urged to focus on rainforest protection

Velux CEO: ‘If you want the most energy efficient home, live in a cave’

Poland wants fresh EU money to back climate neutrality goal

Southeast Asian conglomerates to pump US$30 million into renewable projects in Myanmar

Today, I aim to get arrested. It is the only real power climate protesters have

1 in 3 children live in unhealthy homes, warns ‘alarming’ report

Can carmakers steer away from climate catastrophe?

Trump wants to erase protections in Alaska's Tongass National Forest, a storehouse of carbon

Flights of fancy: 10 ways to imagine our way out of the climate crisis

Little progress made in tackling air pollution in Europe, research says

Nursing mothers stage climate protest against Google in London

UN rights experts criticise London climate protest 'ban' before court hearing

'It's a crisis, not a change': the six Guardian language changes on climate matters

Gas industry storms into EU green finance taxonomy debate

First announcement – Industrial Efficiency 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Concerns as EU bank balks at plan to halt fossil fuel investments

The melting Arctic is fertile ground for businesses. But continued oil exploration poses an ethical dilemma

EU parliament unfazed by trade fight over palm biofuel phase-out

Government says it will go ‘further and faster’ to cut emissions following poor progress report

French MP: ‘We try to bring method to the madness of building renovation’

Rise of renewables may see off oil firms decades earlier than they think

Analysis: UK renewables generate more electricity than fossil fuels for first time

Juncker Commission stalls EU climate bank in starting blocks

Extreme heatwaves pose spreading threat

Rescue workers battle mudslips, waist-high waters in typhoon-hit Japan

Climate change activists target London's financial district

Healthy homes: ‘The biggest health and business opportunity of a lifetime’

Ban air miles and stop frequent flyers to combat climate change, report urges

Air miles should be axed to deter frequent fliers, advises report

Why we should back the EIB on ambitious energy policy

Carbon neutrality ‘cannot be reached without energy efficiency’

Europe's climate credentials face acid test in EIB fossil fuel vote

Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry

Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney

Divestment works – and one huge bank can lead the way

Parliamentarians deserve our wrath for 30 years of inaction, not climate protesters

The IMF thinks carbon taxes will stop the climate crisis. That's a terrible idea

Enel targets clean energy and climate action with €2.5bn SDG-linked bond

Mythbusting: How green are these green building solutions?

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

Exposed: Europe’s accounting tricks on energy savings

Deutsche Bahn’s credit rating boosted thanks to German climate law

Women facing barriers in the renewables workforce

Three Percent Club challenges governments to step up improvement of energy intensity

Climate change endangers Scotland's archaeological treasures

Oil firms to pour extra 7m barrels per day into markets, data shows

British Airways owner IAG commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

The climate crisis in 2050: what happens if cities act but nations don't?

Can laboratories get smarter when it comes to sustainability?

Cities will be key in the fight against climate change, UN chief says

UN climate talks must include cities, businesses or risk irrelevance

EU VP nominee backs goal to cut CO2 by ‘at least 55% by 2030’

Paris Agreement architect: ‘Carbon neutrality is the target to go for’

It’s time to rein in the fossil fuel giants before their greed chokes the planet

The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me

The energy transformation is not happening fast enough

Trump's fast-tracking of oil pipelines hits legal roadblocks

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

Battery pioneers awarded Nobel Prize

China’s largest coal power plants lagging in response to climate risks, says new study

Asia’s thirsty coal-fired power plants face water scarcity

Climate activists to block European cities for the week

The Carbon Brief Profile: Canada

Germany’s steel industry not changing practices despite pressure to go green

Increasing Europe’s R&I budget is critical to grow the economy and fight climate change

How extreme sea level events are going to increase in Australia

Where can electrification do most to cut emissions? Transportation

Eight EU countries call on Timmermans to raise 2030 climate goal to 55%

German government wants to weaken country’s proposed climate protection goals

Climate change protests snarl up central London, 135 arrested

US to help secure Baltic energy grid against cyber-attacks

Fewer children, fewer climate risks? Niger ponders a controversial option

Germany presents plan to strengthen onshore wind power after lull

Police forcibly remove climate activists blocking major Amsterdam street

Merkel: Climate package must include CO2 monitoring to pass cabinet

Nordic insurance giant KLP divests from oil sands

Changing culture in a changing climate

EU ministers fudge 2030 climate target lines

UN body votes to ground EU’s aviation emission efforts

Denmark calls for EU plan to phase out diesel and petrol cars

How Brazil can save the Amazon through bioeconomy

'A deadly problem': should we ban SUVs from our cities?

It’s not just Greta Thunberg: why are we ignoring the developing world’s inspiring activists?

Intelligent building technologies are critical to a low-carbon future

Samsung team up with Bulb for world’s first home energy control service

European cities share heating decarbonisation tips

As the climate collapses, we can either stand together – or perish alone

Why the world needs an IMF for the climate crisis

Air travel growth suggests ‘sustainable’ and ‘development’ are not compatible

Can cities save the world?

Drought may hit half world’s wheat at once

How are banks doing on sustainable finance commitments? Not good enough

World's largest banks lagging in sustainable finance: report

Germany and Netherlands sign joint declaration of intent on energy transition

Poland stokes dispute over net-zero emissions price and meaning

Estonia's EU energy candidate questioned on climate credentials

Trump administration likely to announce details of biofuels deal by Friday: sources

Siemens partner with UK100 for £100bn of clean energy projects

'Things are getting unstable': global heating and the rise of rockfalls in Swiss Alps

EU leaders risk trade tension with carbon border tax plan to shield industry

Trees for goals: the teenager playing to end deforestation

EU rethinks future gas strategy in light of ‘European Green Deal’

ACEEE Press release: 50-State US Scorecard Reveals States Are Ramping Up Clean Energy

What does Greta Thunberg’s call for equity mean?

This is what the world promised at the UN climate action summit

Political uncertainty poses obstacle to UN’s global goals, businesses say

Youth not wasted on the young who fight for climate justice

Climate change activists spray red paint at UK Treasury from fire engine

Leave ‘em laughing instead of crying: Climate humour can break down barriers and find common ground

Australia’s vast carbon sink releasing millions of tonnes of CO2 back into atmosphere

The climate protest movement must not alienate Britain’s working classes

Academic: Higher carbon price needed to ramp up EU biomethane production

German power giant RWE, Europe’s biggest emitter, aims for zero carbon by 2040

September 2019

Storm kills 1, disrupts rail traffic in northern Germany

How should China respond to melting glaciers and rising sea levels?

Tall, flexible, and digitally connected: A peek at the buildings of the future

China aims to shut 8.7 GW of coal power by year-end - regulator

‘Flight shaming’ is in the air as UN summit faces climate crisis

More South Korean coal power plant curbs needed to tackle pollution: advisory group

How will low-lying Singapore’s built environment survive rising seas?

The future of biogas in Europe: it’s a local affair

Is blockchain an overhyped tool for Asia’s energy transition?

Weatherwatch: glass skyscrapers are worst energy offenders

Storm kills 1, disrupts rail traffic in northern Germany

Floods kill 113 in north India in late monsoon burst, jail, hospital submerged

Citing climate risk, investors bet against mortgage market

UK ‘needs billions a year’ to meet 2050 climate targets

A woman-focused climate agenda

What is Greta Thunberg really achieving?

A Green Deal for Europe will fail unless it confronts natural gas

Greta Thunberg meets Justin Trudeau amid climate strikes: 'He is not doing enough'

Europe’s overloaded land is driving forest destruction and climate breakdown

WSED keeps offering opportunities for Young Energy Researchers

Trade unions call for ‘new social contract’ to drive energy transition

Fight the power: why climate activists are suing Europe’s biggest coal plant

We've got a deadline to save people and planet – let's start the charge

Thinning of the Arctic ‘unprecedented for at least 1,000 years’ – IPCC report

Putting a price on carbon is not easy; energy efficiency can help

Finnish official: ‘Heating is far from being just a local issue’

Sustainable financing may have its limits

Lambasting China over its emissions might impress the US but it could be costly for Australia

Sustainable financing may have its limits

Will Asia’s banks join the movement to decarbonise shipping?

Council maintains nuclear as eligible for ‘green’ finance

Germany’s missed opportunity to regain climate leadership

1% of English residents take one-fifth of overseas flights, survey shows

European countries must step up support for Green Climate Fund

Passion for winter sports can help fight climate change, organizers say

UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul trade system

Poland plans new coal mines despite EU's call for carbon neutrality

Fifth of world's calories threatened as climate scientists sound alarm over wheat

Extreme sea level events ‘will hit once a year by 2050’

UN summit day #3: SDGs in the spotlight

Protect coastal, island communities now as seas rise, scientists urge

Decarbonising Europe’s heating sector

Shipping and fossil fuel tax exemption

Sustainable financing may have its limits

VW bosses indicted over emissions cheating

Australia has dodged global attention on fossil fuels because of assiduous diplomatic efforts

Ocean holds solutions to help tackle climate change, report finds

Koizumi's 'sexy' words on climate change ring hollow for some in Japan

Most of world's biggest firms 'unlikely' to meet Paris climate targets

Three EU countries bump up renewable energy goal for 2030

Runaway driverless cars will increase congestion and accelerate climate breakdown

VW bosses indicted over emissions cheating

Upcoming Symposium in Berlin: Valuing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency

Oil CEOs push carbon-capture efforts ahead of climate talks

Russia formally joins Paris climate agreement

Greta Thunberg condemns world leaders in emotional speech at UN

EU countries urged to reject UN scheme that could thwart action on aviation emissions

Amazon commits to being carbon neutral by 2040

UN climate summit diary, day #1: ‘Big announcement’ expected

Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C

From Indonesia to Gabon, countries turn to nature to cut climate risks

Poorest people getting world's small change to cope with climate crisis

Cities and regions will be pivotal in reaching climate neutrality by 2050

Efficiency makes clean energy cost-competitive with new gas power plants

EU countries urged to reject UN scheme that could thwart action on aviation emissions

Tiny changes might seem insignificant. But they are how we save the planet

Amazon fires: Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to use UN speech to reject criticism over response to blaze ravaging rainforest

Climate change fight should be 'sexy' and 'fun', Japan's new environment minister says

Britain to create 1 bln pound fund for clean energy technology

Africa to seek declaration of global climate emergency at UN summit

It’s taken years, but at last there’s real hope for meaningful climate action

The Guardian view on transport emissions: the trouble with planes and automobiles

Faster global warming may bring much more heat

Investors demand binding EU measures to shield from climate risks

‘Coal bubble’ puts EU carbon market under threat, watchdog warns

I have a dream that the powerful take the climate crisis seriously. The time for their fairytales is over

‘Four million’ join students in climate marches, building pressure on leaders

What the European Parliament must do to halt the destruction of the Amazon

More than 100 countries applied for UN climate summit, half were rejected

Global decarbonisation efforts ‘stall’, pushing climate goals out of reach

The 6 trends shaping Southeast Asia’s clean energy sector

National governments urged to get behind cities to win climate fight

Investing in zero-carbon cities will return $24 trillion by 2050, report finds