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All papers must be submitted through the online submission system. The deadline for first drafts is 29 January.

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Submission of papers and extended abstracts

All authors have been sent a notification on whether their abstract was accepted or not on 21 December together with further instructions. The general process for the peer review can be found on the peer review pages.

Please note that the schedule is very tight, and we will have to be very strict on the deadlines. You can find the schedule on the important dates page.

Submit your paper or update your abstract


One author can only be the main author and presenter of one paper and one display, so if you have several abstracts accepted, you will have to appoint your co-authors as the main author and presenter for the rest of them, or you will have to choose the one you want to present and withdraw the others.

Presenters will receive further instructions and pointers for the presentation closer to the conference.

All presentations require a registered – and paying – conference participant, and each participant can only make one oral presentation and one display presentation. If the author(s) of an abstract do not register for the conference, the abstract/paper will be considered withdrawn and the paper (if applicable) will not be included in the conference proceedings.

Please note that eceee cannot waive the registration fee for authors and presenters.

Inclusion in the Scopus citation index

Peer-reviewed papers accepted for publication in the eceee Summer Study proceedings will be indexed in Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. (Please note that it might take up to a year for Scopus to add your paper, and eceee does not have any influence on the process.)

Publication ethics

eceee aims to generate evidence-based knowledge and analyses of policies. Our Summer Study papers and proceedings constitute our most important source of knowledge and information. This means that it is very important that the papers for our conferences consist of original, honest work and that the studies have been conducted in an ethical manner. Our publication ethics is the reasons why have been accepted for inclusion in the Scopus citation index. Read more on our Publication ethics and malpractice statement page.

Publication of eceee proceedings online

All abstracts, papers and presentations (including extended abstracts without peer-reviewed papers) are published in eceee's online library. Peer-reviewed papers and presentations will only be available to eceee members and Summer Study participants at the time of publication, but everything will be unlocked for public access within about nine months.

Copyright and republication of papers

The copyright of the peer-reviewed papers is shared between eceee and the authors. Authors may republish their papers (e.g., add them to a project web site or research repository) as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. All co-authors (if any) agree to the publication.

  2. No peer-reviewed papers are published before the conference has ended and the proceedings have officially been published by eceee. Pre-published papers can of course be shared with colleagues and other contacts who are contributing to the paper or who might need/benefit from the information/research in them, but they cannot be publicly distributed.

  3. It is clearly stated that the paper was first published in the eceee proceedings. A full reference, and a link to the eceee proceedings library (if applicable), should be added.

    eceee Summer Study proceedings
    [Optional: name and date of conference]
    ISSN: 2001-7960 (online)/1653-7025 (print)
    ISBN: [relevant ISBN]
    Stockholm [year]

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