Review process and paper requirements

The peer-reviewed papers are reviewed single-blindedly by a minimum of two people. This is how the process works:

  1. The panel leaders appoint reviewers to each paper.
  2. The paper is sent to all reviewers when it is submitted by the author. The reviewers also receive some basic instructions for the review and a review form.
  3. The reviewers send their comments to the panel leader, who merges the comments to keep the anonymity of the reviewers. He/she has the final say concerning the comments and uploads them in the system.
  4. The author receives the comments together with a new status of the paper: no or minor comments (suggestions on how to improve the paper or small change requirements that the panel leader does not need to look at again); major comments (which means that the panel leader want to check the changes and possibly require further changes or reject the paper at a later stage); or rejected.
  5. The status of the paper decides if the author can submit a new version, and whether the panel leader will check the changes.
  6. The author is asked to submit a final paper even if it is accepted without any comments.

The Summer Study is intended to be a participatory event and actively seeks professionals in both private and public sectors to assist in the peer review of submitted papers. Authors of accepted abstracts for peer-review can be requested to review one or two papers.

Other requirements

All papers for the eceee Summer Studies must be uploaded in our online submission system. They must be submitted in the Word template enclosed in the acceptance letter, formatted as instructed, and following the information in said letter and enclosed instructions (content, maximum length, disposition, etc.).

Papers should be submitted on time. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of late papers unless a specific extension is agreed on by the conference managers and panel leaders on beforehand.

Instructions for the presentations/displays are always sent to the authors well in advance of the Summer Study (appr. two months before the conference).

All papers should follow eceee's ethical guidelines.

Please contact the conference managers if you have any further questions.

Our valued 2022 Partners – Thank you!