Solutions workshops & exclusive side events

Solutions workshops are arranged by eceee and Summer Study partners and by some of the projects where eceee has a strong involvement.

Tue 14.00–15.30 | ODYSSEE-MURE workshop

Room: Mediterranee

Join us to learn more about the new ODYSSEE-MURE project discuss the way forward. The project will, among other things, launch a European Scoreboard for energy efficiency. (Read more)

Wednesday 14.00–15.00 | CHEETAH provides evidence for effective policies 

Organiser: CHEETAH project
Room: Mediterranee (Plenary Room)

CHEETAH is a Horizon 2020 project that will provide empirical evidence for the effectiveness of policies such as energy labels or subsidies for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in households, relying on representative choice experiments in eight EU countries. Employing engineering-economic and macro-economic models, it also explores the effects of micro-level decision-making and of energy-efficiency policies on EU residential energy demand and on macro-economic variables until 2030. It includes a survey of more than 15.000 households in eight EU countries. (Read more)

Thursday 15.00–16.00 | Energy sufficiency: Living well, within the limits

Organiser: CREDS/UKERC
Room: Porquerolles

The session will present work we developed for the ECEEE sufficiency project, and reflect more broadly on sufficiency themes being addressed across the conference. The session will be interactive, with participants invited to undertake short exercises about sufficiency and efficiency. The overall aim of the session is to introduce ways of thinking about sufficiency, to question what it may mean, and to whom, and to stimulate debate about whether, and how, this concept could form the basis for future policy making. (Read more)

Thursday 16.30–17.50 Exclusive side event | Should Europe care about efficiency policies in Africa? Can Africa inspire Europe on the path to sufficiency?

Organiser: CLASP
Room: La Capte

With 1.2 billion people, half of which have no grid connection, Africa’s demand for energy services is exploding. To manage this growth without catastrophic climatic and social impacts, appliance energy efficiency is necessary for that growth. (Read more)

Thursday 16.30–17.50 Exclusive side event | Long term renovation strategies for the benefit of people and planet – how to set the ambitions  

Organiser: VELUX A/S
Room: Mediterranee (Plenary Room)

To discuss how to implement the requirement to EU countries to adopt a long-term renovation strategy (LTRS) as it is set out in Article 2a of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. These strategies shall be presented to the EU commission no later than 31. March 2020 and shall support the renovation of the national building stock of buildings into a highly efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050 (Read more)

Friday 14.00–16.00 | Get Serious! Moving beyond energy savings

Organiser: Multiple Benefits
Room: Porquerolle

Energy efficiency is not the core business of most companies. The EU Horizon 2020-funded project Valuing & Communicating the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency seeks to stimulate private investment in efficiency by demonstrating positive impacts of energy saving actions on competitive advantage. (Read more).

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