Wed 14.00–15.30 | CHEETAH workshop

Organiser: CHEETAH project
Room: Mediterranee (Plenary Room)

CHEETAH provides evidence for effective policies 

CHEETAH is a Horizon 2020 project that will provide empirical evidence for the effectiveness of policies such as energy labels or subsidies for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in households, relying on representative choice experiments in eight EU countries. Employing engineering-economic and macro-economic models, it also explores the effects of micro-level decision-making and of energy-efficiency policies on EU residential energy demand and on macro-economic variables until 2030. It includes a survey of more than 15.000 households in eight EU countries.


  • Introduction to the CHEETAH Project
  • Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Households - Approach and Empirical Findings

o   Findings from Discrete Choice Experiments

o   Transfer of Survey Results into Energy Demand Models on Buildings and Appliances

o   Findings for the Energy Demand of Buildings and Appliances

  • Discussion

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