Thu 14.00–15.00 | Energy sufficiency: Living well, within the limits

Organiser: CREDS/UKERC
Room: Mediterranee (Plenary Room)

Sarah Darby and Tina Fawcett (Oxford University) will lead a CREDS / UKERC  solutions workshop on ‘Energy sufficiency: Living well, within the limits’.The session will present work we developed for the ECEEE sufficiency project, and reflect more broadly on sufficiency themes being addressed across the conference. The session will be interactive, with participants invited to undertake short exercises about sufficiency and efficiency. The overall aim of the session is to introduce ways of thinking about sufficiency, to question what it may mean, and to whom, and to stimulate debate about whether, and how, this concept could form the basis for future policy making.

Contact: Sarah Darby, and Tina Fawcett,

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