Thu 16.30–17.50 | European renovation strategies

Organiser: VELUX A/S
Room: Mediterranee (Plenary Room)

Long term renovation strategies for the benefit of people and planet
- how to set the ambitions

To discuss how to implement the requirement to EU countries to adopt a long-term renovation strategy (LTRS) as it is set out in Article 2a of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. These strategies shall be presented to the EU commission no later than 31. March 2020 and shall support the renovation of the national building stock of buildings into a highly efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050

Set up of workshop:
The solution workshop will discuss the status on the national LTRS and discuss policies and actions to stimulate cost-effective deep renovation of buildings, methods to target the worst performing buildings and focus on the expected energy savings and wider benefits and the contribution of the renovation of buildings.

Each session will include a 5 minutes introduction followed by a debate between the panelists and the audience, each panel will end up with a short recommendation for implementation and development of the LTRS.

Session 1: Planet (35 min)
A general introduction to the motivation to set the requirement to the EU member states followed by a debate between 3-4 EU member states on the current status, the ambitions and planed implementation, including the headlines in the national LTRS.

Session 2: People (35 min)
The indoor climate in buildings is being seen as one of the major multiple benefits for renovation and can become an incentive for homeowners to renovate. After a general introduction the panel will discuss if and how the national LTRS can include indoor environmental quality parameters.

• Robert Nuij, Head of section, European Commission,
• Sibyl Steuwer, Germany Programme Manager, BPIE

o Mariana Economidou, Research expert on JRC report on LTRS assessment
o National representatives from
o France
o Germany
o Denmark, Sweden or Norway
o Netherland, Belgium or Eire

The solution workshop is set up by VELUX A/S and moderated by Kurt Emil Eriksen, Senior policy advisor at VELUX A/S

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