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Imaging equipment

Last updated: 06 November 2019

The voluntary agreement on imaging equipment was revised in 2014 and implemented in January 2015.


The voluntary scheme applies to imaging equipment including:

  • standardsize copiers,
  • multifunctional devices,
  • printers and fax machines that use electrophotography,
  • solid ink and high performance ink jet marking technologies.

The definition of imaging equipment covered by this scheme is identical to the equipment covered by the requirements of the ENERGY STAR programme.


The comittments of the signatories include :

  • A minimum least 90 % of the imaging equipment placed on the EU market after January 1, 2012 (regardless of their origin) would comply with the minimum efficiency requirements of the agreement.
  • All printing products should comply with the requirements on cartridges.
  • All new products should comply with the requirements on recycling.
  • All new printing products should offer the capability of duplex printing, including several pages of a document on one sheet of paper as a standard feature.

The energy efficiency requirements are formulated in TEC (typical energy consumption) and OM (operational mode).


There are sixteen signatories to the voluntary agreement. It is estimated that they account for more than 90 % of the total EU market for imaging equipment.


The scope of this Lot covers printers, copiers, faxes and multifunctional devices (MFDs).The preparatory study concluded that these devices have large sales volumes and a significant environmental impact which could be improved by design. Energy in the use phase and paper utilisation was considered as the main impact categories for this product group.

It was estimated  that no sufficient evidence was available to develop policy proposals at this stage, and that some of the environmental impacts are already addressed under the Energy Star Programme. A voluntary agreement was therefore suggested, although the Commission stated that regulation would also be taken into consideration.

Ecolabel and Green Procurement

A  study on developing EU Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement criteria for imaging equipment was carried out for the EU Environment Directorate General - DG-Env.The purpose of the project is to create a joint evidence base from which EU policy making in the area of imaging equipment can be developed. Final GPP criteria were issued in January 2014. For more information, please view the imaging equipment website.

For more information, view the section on Voluntary Agreements.

Date Process Key documents
2019-03 Consulation Forum on VA

Updated draft VA v.2 (pdf)

2015-04 Revised VA implemented

Voluntary agreement version 5.2 (pdf)

2015-01 Revised VA implemented

Voluntary agreement version 5.1 (pdf)
Eurovaprint website

2014-06 Consulation Forum on Voluntary agreements

Updated draft VA v.5 (doc)

2014-01 Final GPP criteria issued

EU GPP website


Archived documents (zip)