The Brief, powered by EVA – Where is the ‘Klimakanzlerin’ when you need her?

(EurActiv, 4 Mar 2020) This week is the super climate week in Brussels: Greta Thunberg is in town, the Commission has just presented its long-awaited and much-commented climate law, the Environment Council is meeting tomorrow.

All this happens in a context of emergency that sees the impact of global warming on a steep increase worldwide. This super climate week also takes place in the context of acute coronavirus fears.

There are similarities between the two: one is a fast-paced virus, the other a slightly slower-moving environmental disaster, but it offers insight into how ready countries are to respond to global threats.

Answering climate and coronavirus emergencies requires global cooperation, a need for UN governance and country leadership. This is where Germany comes in.

As far as the coronavirus is concerned, Berlin has been swift to put in place efficient health and communication policies.  When it comes to climate, however, much is still unclear, and this with only a few months left before the German Presidency of the EU starts in July.

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EurActiv, 4 Mar 2020: The Brief, powered by EVA – Where is the ‘Klimakanzlerin’ when you need her?