From Tech to Transformation: Accelerating Building Energy Efficiency through ICT Solutions

Start/Stop Date:
16 May 2024
Focus Areas:
buildings, ICT, technologies, innovative, blockchain
Type of Event:

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Buildings accounted for 42% of the energy consumed in the EU in 2021 and for over one third of the EU’s energy-related GHG emissions. In order to address this, the new Energy Efficiency Directive (EU) 2023/1791 introduces a series of measures to help accelerate energy efficiency, including embracing the “energy efficiency first” principle in the energy and non-energy policies while establishing an EU legally-binding target to reduce the EU’s final energy consumption by 11.7%.

However, implementing and investing in energy efficiency projects in buildings imply a complex decision making process involving several stages and different stakeholders.

The scope of this event, co-organised by InEExS, ENERGATE and FORTESIE is thus to present different services, business models and tools that can be replicated by the stakeholders involved in the value chain of sustainable building renovation, in order to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency in buildings. The event will:

  • Focus on Energy Efficiency, in line with the objectives of 3 EU-funded projects, by underlining the importance of reducing energy consumption in buildings.
  • Put emphasis on ICT tools and Platforms by reflecting the technological advancements and digital tools developed and implemented by these projects to promote energy efficiency.
  • Discuss on related challenges like data collection, legal issues for blockchain, integration of multiple platforms and opportunities like energy transition, consumption reduction and facilitated engagement of stakeholders.