Will the Renovation Wave benefit the energy poor?

(EurActiv, 21 Oct 2020) A wave of much-needed housing renovations could soon be sweeping through Europe, according to European Commission plans published last week. This Renovation Wave must ensure a quick and locally supported transition in order to support those who need it most, writes Martha Myers.

Martha Myers is an energy poverty campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe and coordinator of the Right to Energy Coalition. 

The much-anticipated ‘Renovation Wave’ strategy is recognition, finally, of the need to alleviate crippling levels of energy poverty and to cut energy consumption (and carbon) in Europe’s wasteful buildings. But much more will have to be done if those who need a renovation wave most of all – Europe’s energy poor – are to feel the benefit.

One in four Europeans are unable to adequately light, heat or cool their homes – contributing to the deaths of 100,000 people each year. Critical levels of energy poverty are expected to soar this winter due to COVID-19.

So the strategy comes at a pivotal time. This, together with new guidelines on energy poverty for member states, shows the European Commission is taking the challenges of energy poverty and inclusive green transition seriously.

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EurActiv, 21 Oct 2020: Will the Renovation Wave benefit the energy poor?