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Tackling Efficiency Paradoxes: Responses to “Energy-Efficient” 10,000 sq. ft. Houses and 50-inch Televisions

Panel: Human and Social Dimensions of Energy Use: Trends and their Implications

Christopher Granda, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Margie Lynch, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Sam Rashkin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


With a high level of public and regulatory pressure to increase energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the time is ripe to further examine opportunities for introducing conservation elements into traditional energy efficiency programs. In this paper, the authors review prior discussions on the concepts of efficiency and conservation. They then pose three categories of approaches for how energy efficiency programs can include energy conservation: including both kinds of information in consumer labels for products and homes, incorporating size limitations into a future iteration of ENERGY STAR for Homes, and adding total energy consumption and other components into programs that target consumer products.


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