Five days intensive networking and exchange

The conference kicks off 6 June at 18.00 with a plenary session to get the discussions started. The co-chairs will guide you through the week.

Your week at the Summer Study

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Mornings – panel sessions

From Tuesday to Friday, between breakfast and lunch, the panel sessions run in parallel for the presentation and discussion of the accepted peer-reviewed papers and extended abstracts.

Afternoons – a less formal approach

The period after lunch each day is reserved for informal sessions in which any participant can set up a discussion on a current energy efficiency issue.

In parallel with the informal sessions, partners can arrange solutions workshops.

Display session

The display session is held on the afternoon of 7 June. Authors will show their posters or other displays and be available to answer questions and comments. The best diplays by popular vote and a jury decision will be rewarded.

Evenings – plenary sessions

Plenary sessions are held in the early evenings. 

The constant networking and discussions

Day and night: You will find hundreds of people eager to discuss energy efficiency.

The grand finale

The tradition on Friday is to conclude with a conference summary and final debate followed by a special banquet. In the evening there is a party with dance under the dark night skies.

Informal sessions – a favourite among participants

Informals are not supposed to be a long row of powerpoint slides. Instead, a good informal have an introduction presentation of a problem, idea, concept, etc., to be followed by an informed and creative discussion. If you set one up, you are also taking responsiblity for the content and moderation. Note: Only registered participants can sign up to arrange an informal. You do not have to sign up to take part in a session arranged by someone else.

Our valued 2022 Partners – Thank you!