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What are the rules if I tested positively for Covid?

We follow the French official recommendations. For a vaccinated person (last booster at least 11 days ago and no more than 4 month ago), you can act as usual if:

  • 5 days of quarantine following the first symptoms, you are tested negative.
  • you have respected 7 days of quarantine after the first symptoms : you may be tested positive a long time after but the contagious period is deemed to be over.

If no or incomplete vaccination, you have to observe the following:

  • 7 days of quarantine followed by a negative test.
  • 10 days of quarantine (then you still can be tested positive but are not deemed contagious anymore)

Club Belambra "Les Criques", Presqu'île de Giens

Since 2011, the Summer Study has been held at the Belambra Les Criques on the Presqu'île de Giens peninsula. The venue has received praise from participants as perfectly suited for networking and information exchange.

This venue is beautifully located close to Toulon/Hyères in the South of France.

The site is fully accessible for disabled participants. With 360 apartments, it allows more than 450 participants to join. The venue offers excellent conference facilities with all conference rooms situated close to each other, allowing participants to easily move between parallel panels and presentations.

All accommodation is offered in Belambra’s apartments, each containing two bedrooms. See Rooms and facilites for more information.

Note: You cannot reserve through Belambra. eceee offers the Summer Study as a one-week package. Registration and reservation will open shortly.

Bring your family or a friend

Belambra Les Criques is excellent for bringing your family or a friend. The familiar and relaxed atmosphere during the week makes it easy for accompanying persons to feel at home at the venue. There is no swimming pool, but beaches are within minutes’ walking distance. There are volleyball, tennis and pétanque courts, and the surrounding area offers stunning sceneries and a number of activities.


Location in Google maps

Club Belambra "Les Criques"
Presqu'île de Giens

406 avenue de l'Esterel
83408 Hyères Cedex

Reception: +33 6 79 87 65 19

The fixed line has problems due to a broken cable, but you can also try the fixed number: +33 (0)4 94 58 21 51

Our valued 2022 Partners – Thank you!