EU unveils €300 million plan to fund hydrogen research

(EurActiv, 10 Mar 2022) The EU’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a public-private undertaking, has launched its first call for proposals on 41 research topics related to hydrogen. Much of the funding will go towards hydrogen production and storage.

As the EU commits to move away from fossil fuels, hydrogen is seen as a convenient way of transforming electricity from wind and solar into storable energy by using electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Hydrogen can be used as a feedstock, a fuel or an energy carrier and storage, and has many possible applications across industry, transport, power and buildings sectors, which are seen as hard to decarbonise, the European Commission said in its 2020 hydrogen strategy.

By 2050, the Commission estimates that 24% of global energy demand could be covered by clean hydrogen. For the EU, estimates range from 9 to 14%.

On 1 March, the EU’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership unveiled its first call for proposals, which are part of a strategic research agenda covering 41 research topics ranging from renewable hydrogen production, to storage, distribution and transport.

“This momentous investment is essential to ensure the development of a dynamic hydrogen economy of diverse innovators, manufacturers, producers and end-users across the EU for a sustainable and prosperous hydrogen-based future,” said Bart Biebuyck, executive director of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a public-private undertaking.

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EurActiv, 10 Mar 2022: EU unveils €300 million plan to fund hydrogen research