Five sustainable solutions to help tackle extreme heat in South Asia

(Eco Business, 19 Nov 2021) From painting roofs to geothermal air conditioning systems, accessible and sustainable cooling tools exist to help address the growing problem of heat stress, which is worsening due to climate change.

As the world warms, there is an urgent need to find ways to keep people cool. This year, several deadly records have been set in South Asia: in New Delhi, the highest July temperature in 90 years was recorded, at 43.6 degrees Celsius. In April in Karachi, mercury levels hit 44C — the highest in 74 years.

Last week, the climate analysis coalition Climate Action Tracker published research showing that even if the new pledges made by the world’s governments in the first week of COP26 are achieved, global temperatures would rise by more than 2.4C this century. This coincided with the publication of research showing that with just a 2C global temperature rise, a billion people will be affected by extreme heat stress.

Even at 1.5C of global warming (the aspirational target set by the Paris Agreement), studies have found that deadly heat stress could become common across South Asia. Despite pledges to control greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say the world could reach the 1.5C threshold in a matter of years.

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Eco Business, 19 Nov 2021: Five sustainable solutions to help tackle extreme heat in South Asia